Kadamakkudy Islands, near Kochi

Kadamakkudy Islands are a group of fourteen islands near Kochi and Ernakulam in Kerala state, India. They are located 15 kilometers from Kochi (Ernakulam).

Fisherman casting net at Pokkali farm in Kadamakkudy islands

Valiya Kadamakudy is the main island. Chennur, Chariyam Thuruth, Cheriya Kadamakudy, Kothad, Korambadam, Kandanad, Karikkad Thuruthu, Moolampilly, Murikkal, Palyam Thuruth, Pizhala, Pulikkapuram, and Puthussery are the other 13 islands.

Pokkali Rice, with Geographical Indication (GI), is cultivated on these islands. It is a unique saline-tolerant rice variety cultivated in Alappuzha, Kottayam. Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kannur districts of Kerala.

These islands are ideal for bird watching. Many species of birds are found here. Cranes can be seen in large numbers here. Sunrise and sunset can also be seen from the Kadamakkudy islands near Ernakulam and Cochin.

Boating through scenic backwaters is available to visit these islands. Shikara Boating and Canoe Riding are other activities.

You can see the Crab Farms, Pokkali Rice farms, Mangrove forests, etc. Angling and Cast net Fishing can also be undertaken on these islands. You can go for a nature walk through the bunds of Pokkali rice farms. A bund is a stone or earth wall to prevent water from entering the farms.

How Do I go to the Kadamakkudy Islands?

Buses are available from Vytilla hub, the central bus station in Ernakulam, to Kadamakkudy Islands via Chettibhagam (Vaarapuzha). The frequency of the buses on this route is less. North Paravur is another place to get buses to these islands. Alternatively, you can board a bus that goes via Vaarapuzha. From Vaarapuzha, you can hire an auto to the islands, which are 5 kilometers from Vaarapuzha.

Ernakulam North, alias Ernakulam Town Railway Station, is the nearest railway station to the islands. Ernakulam South alias Ernakulam Junction Railway station is almost equally close to the islands.

Cochin International Airport, alias Nedumbrassery Airport, is the airport that lies close to the Kadamakkudy islands near Kochi alias Cochin.

Drop into these islands to see the village life. Unwind yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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