Cheppara Rock Garden

Cheppara Rock Garden is in Thrissur district, Kerala state, India. These rocks are spread over the one-kilometer area on the top of Poomala Hills. It is one of the less-known places in Kerala. Remnants of the past can be seen here.

Cheppara Rock Garden

Cheppara Rock – Image Source

There are Dolmens, where sages are believed to have meditated on these hills. Fencing is there around these dolmens to preserve this historical treasure, and hence, you can not go inside these caves.

Cheppara Rock Garden offers a mesmerizing view of the sunset from the top of the rocks. These rocks give you a bird’s eye view of Wadakkanchery and Thrissur towns. The view of the green trees from the top of the rock is also excellent.

On top of the hills, there are Electric lamps. Benches are provided at different places on the top for sitting and relaxing. As of October 2023, There is no entry fee to visit this place. As it is gaining popularity, there may be charges in the future.

There is a pond-like water reservoir at the bottom of the rocks. It is slippery, though not very deep.

Some say people ride their bikes to the top, though it is not advisable.

How Do I Go to Cheppara Rocks?

Cheppara Rock Garden is located in the Thekkumkara panchayat near Wadakkanchery Town. You need to trek to reach the top of the rocks. Railings are there to help you in the trekking. It is not difficult to trek to the top, as the metal railings are handy for you, and the rocks are not very steep. It is advisable to visit this place in the mornings or preferably in the evenings, to avoid the hot sun.

Thrissur railway station is the nearest one at 15 kilometers distance. Cochin International Airport, or Nedumbrassery airport, is at 60 kilometers distance.

Nearby Tourist Places

Cheppara Falls is at a distance of 1.4 kilometers from the rocks at Cheppara Rock Garden.

Poomala Dam, a small dam for irrigational purposes in the middle of rubber plantations, is 4.5 kilometers from Cheppara rocks. Pedal Boat Safari is available here. The children’s play area is also there.

Pathazhakundu Dam is yet another nearby small dam. If you go down from this dam through the steps, you may be able to see the water released from the dam flowing through the steps like a small waterfall.


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