Tattapani Hot Water Springs

Tattapani is a small village near the Hill Station town of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh state of India, where a chain of hot water springs exists along the right banks of the river Sutlej.

Tattapani Hot Water SpringsTattapani Hot Water Springs.

Tattapani Hot Water Sulphur Springs are situated at an altitude of around 650 meters above sea level. The hot water springs are rich in Sulfur and is having curative and invigorating powers. The irony is that these hot water springs are situated in one of the coldest hill stations in India. Similar hot water springs are found at Manikaran (near Kullu hill station) and Vashisht (near Manali hill station).

The hot water springs of Tattapani are spread over one square kilo meter and is easily accessible by motorable roads.

Tattapani is also a pilgrimage place for Hindus. It is believed that one can cleanse oneself of one’s sins, by taking a dip in the Hot water spings of Tattapani, during month of Magha (January-February) or on the Baisakhi day (April 13th).

Shiva Caves are situated at a distance of just 3 kilo meters from the hot water springs.

How do I go to Tattapani?

Tattapani is at a distance of around 51 kilo meters from Shimla. Naldehra is at a distance of around 30 kilo meters from Tattapani.

What about hotels in Tattapani?

There are a few hotels in Tattapani. Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has a Tourist Bungalow at Tattapani, which offers one of the best accommodation for a tourist. Hotel Hot Spring Theme and Hotel New Spring View are two other good hotels at Tattapani.

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls is located very close to Shillong city, in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya state, India.

Elephant Falls is a group of 3 adjacent falls. The falls which were once called ‘Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew’ locally was renamed as “Elephant Falls” by the British, because there was a rock resembling an elephant, near the left side of the bottom falls. The rock is no more as it was destroyed by an earth quake in the late 18th century,

Tourists are allowed to go very close to each of the 3 falls. It is easily accessible from road. There is a walking path and stairs to reach / watch the falls. There is a bridge between 2nd and 3rd falls.

How do I go to Elephant Falls?

Elephant Falls is at a distance of around 12 kilo meters from Shillong city.

There are buses from Guwahati, the nearest railway station, to Shillong. Assam and Meghalaya state road transport corporations operate regular bus services between these two cities.

Umroi airport, a small airport, is the nearest airport to Shilling, at around 40 kilo meters distance.

Magod Falls

Magod Falls alias Magoda falls is a group of beautiful falls on Bendi river at a distance of around 17 km from the town of Yellapur, in Karnataka state of India.

Magod FallsMagod Falls.

Magod Falls is a two-tiered falls with a height of around 200 meters. This makes the falls and its surrounding areas an ideal tourist spot.

“Kavade Kere” is beautiful and magnificent lake on your way from Yellapur to Magod Falls, which is spread over an area of around 60 acres.

How do I go to Magod Falls alias Magoda falls ?

Magod Falls alias Magoda falls is easily accessible from different towns in North Karnataka state. Yellapur is the nearest city at around 17 kilo meters distance from the Magod Falls. Accommodation facilities are available at Yellapur.

Sirsi town is at a distance of 45 kilo-meters from the Magoda falls. Karwar city is at around 80 kilo-meters from the falls. Kumta town is at around 60 kilo-meters from the falls at Magod. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state is at around 520 kilo-meters from the Magod Falls.

Which is the best time to visit the Magod Falls?

The best time to visit the Magod Falls is after the onset of Monsoon rains.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is situated in Malappuram District of the south Indian state of Kerala. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is spread over a group of islands where the Kadalundi River (KadalundiPuzha) flows into the Arabian Sea.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary.

There are around a 100 species of native birds found at Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary with an area of around two square kilo-meters. Migratory birds numbering around 60 species are also included in this list. There is also a large variety of mussels, fish and crabs in the sanctuary. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary has a hill at a height of around 200 meters above sea level, which provides a superb view of the Arabian sea and the mouth of river Kadalundi.

The ideal months to visit the bird sanctuary at Kadalundi is from November to April, after the Monsoon season. Boat ride in the sea coast is offered to tourists by Kerala state Forest Department to those interested in seeing the turtles. Wildlife Sanctuary at Wayanad is a nearby wildlife sanctuary to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary.

How do I go to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary in Kerala?

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is at a distance of 19 kilo meters from Kozhikode alias Calicut.

The nearest railway station to bird sanctuary at Kadalundi is “Kadlundi” Railway station, with station code “KN”. This is a small railway station and only very few trains stops there. Train No 16859, Chennai Egmore Mangalore Express, is the only long distance train which stops at Kadalundi. The major nearest railway station where all trains stops is the one at Kozhikode (previously known as Calicut), with station code “CLT”.

The nearest airport to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is at Karipur (known as Kozhikode International Airport), at a distance of around 23 kilo meters from Kozhikode city.

Chail Hill Station

Chail Hill Station is a beautiful hill station at an average altitude of around 2,226 meters above sea level near to Shimla, in Himachal Pradesh state of India. Chail Hill Station is situated at a higher altitude than Shimla.

Chail Hill Station
Chail Hill Station

Chail Hill Station was the summer retreat of Maharajas of Patiala, in the late 18th and 19th century, till Indian Independence. After the accession of his Kingdom to India, the Maharaja has donated most of the buildings in Chail hill station to the Government of India. Maharaja has donated one ancient building complex to “Rsatriya Military School”.The Main Palace Complex, currently called The Chail Palace, in around 75 acres of land, is now a Heritage Hotel, under Himachal Pradesh Tourism department.

Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala, shifted his summer retreat center to Chail Hill Station after he was denied entry to his erstwhile summer retreat in Shimla, by the British in 1891, due to his rage with Lord Kitchener. Maharaja decided to built a new retreat center and hence built this beautiful hill station retreat. Maharaja of Patiala built many architecturally beautiful buildings in the hill station of Chail .

Chail Hill Station has a beautiful cricket ground, which is considered as the highest cricket ground in the world. The same ground is also used as a polo ground. This ground is situated at an altitude of around 2444 meters above sea level! The same ground is also used for football matches as there are goal posts at a corner portion of the ground for this purpose. The ground is now used as the playground for the Rastriya Military School. Rastriya Military School at Chail, which was earlier known as “King George Royal Indian Military School”, is the oldest Military school in India and one among the five Rastriya Military Schools of India. The school was designated as a college during the Second World War.

Chail Hill Station is full of Pine and Deodars trees and the nearby Hill stations of Kasauli and Shimla can be viewed from Chail at night. Chail is also well known for hiking.

How do I go to the Chail Hill Station?

Chail Hill Station is at a distance of around 45 to 60 kilo meters from Shimala; one of the most beautiful hill stations in the world. Shima-Chail via Kufri is around 45 kilo-meters and Shima-Chail via Kandaghat is 60 kilo meters. Kalka hill station is at a distance of 90 kilo meters from Chail. There are regular inter-state buses from New Delhi, the capital city of India. Regular buses operate from Shimla to Chail. Chandigarh is at a distance of around 120 kilo-meters, which has the nearest airport to Chail.