Largest Tai Ahom Monuments – Talatal Ghar and Kareng Ghar

Talatal Ghar is the ruins of a magnificent 17th century structure and is the largest of all Tai Ahom monuments situated  in Rangpur, Assam state of India. Talatal Structures was built by the most powerful ruler of the Ahom kingdom (1228–1826), King Swargadeo Rudra Singha. He shifted the capital of Ahom dynasty from Garhgaon to Rangpur in AD 1702-1703, and remained as the capital for another 100 years or so.
Talatal Ghar’s has four floors above ground and is called Kareng Ghar.

The three underground floors  are called Talatal Ghar. It was constructed in AD 1698 and was used for military purpose. There seems to be two secret tunnels in the underground portion, which were used as exit route during emergency; it is yet to be confirmed.

A Portion of Kareng Ghar

After the capital was shifted to Rangpur, four floors were added to Talatal Ghar, above the ground level. The four top floors are called Kareng Ghar.

The whole structure, i.e Talatal Ghar and Kareng Ghar, is known as Rangpur Palace. The palace is surrounded by a fort, made with bricks. There is an also an earthen fort with dikes, which was filled with water during those days. There is also an ammunition and gunpowder store near the palace.

After King Swargadeo Rudra Singha’s death (reigned from 1696–1714), the Rangpur Palace saw many architectural alterations.

Tourists can view the top four floors. Underground floors are sealed.

How Do I Go to Talatal Ghar Ruins?

The ruins are located at a small town, at around 8 kilometers from Sivasagar.

The nearest railway station is at Sibsagar. Sibnagar is at around 8 kilometers distance from these magnificent Tai Ahom Monuments.

The nearest MAJOR railway station is at Guwahati, around 363 kilometers away. It is connected to all major Indian cities. There is an international airport also at Guwahati City.

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