Kangla Fort & Palace at Impal in Manipur

Kangla Fort & Palace is located on the Eastern and Western sides of River Imphal, at Imphal, the capital of Manipur state, India. Those on the Eastern side were damaged in the course of time and only parts of the Fort on the Western side, exist now.

The Kangla Fort
Kangla Fort

Kangla Palace was the Royal residence of the erstwhile Meetei rulers, who ruled the Kingdom of Manipur (the Kangleipak Kingdom or the Kingdom of Kangleipak).

King Loiyumba established the Kingdom of Kangleipak in  1110. He conquered the nearby areas and consolidated the kingdom into a larger one. He also made a written constitution for the kingdom. In the 19th century, the kingdom became a princely state under British rule.

Kangla Fort and Palace was built by King Khagemba (1597–1652 AD) in 1632, who defeated Chinese invaders and established his capital here. Khagemba’s son Khunjaoba (1632–1666 AD) improved the fortification and beautification of the fort. He also excavated a moat on the western side. the kingdom was at its glorious best during the regime of King Khunjaoba. Successive kings also improved and enlarged the fort.

From the time of Maharaja Bhagyachandra’s (1762–1798 AD) reign, the Kangla fort was deserted several times due to repeated invasions by the Burmese. Manipur was liberated from the Burmese after seven years by Maharaj Gambhir Singh. He shifted his capital to Langthabal, which is currently known as Canchipur. Again the capital was shifted back to Kangla in 1844, during the reign of King Nara Singh.

After the first Anglo-Manipur war which started in 1891, the British forces conquered the fort. They hoisted the Union Flag on 27th April 1892 at this magnificent and ancient fort. It was declared as the cantonment area or the “British Reserve” till  Indian Independence in 1947. Then it was handed over to The Assam Rifles,  the oldest paramilitary force in India. On 20 November 2004, it was handed over to the Manipur state government.

Inside the Kangla Fort, there are a  number of temples. The Fort is spread over 237.62 acres.

How Do I Go to Kangla Fort and Kangla Palace?

Kangla Fort and Kangla Palace at situated in Imphal, the capital city of the state of Manipur.

Bir Tikendrajit International Airport at Imphal is the nearest airport to the fort and palace.

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