Hampi Group of Monuments

Hampi Group of Monuments is situated on the Southern banks of the river Tungabhadra at Hampi, in Karnataka State, India. It is one of the best Karnataka sites in terms of archeological value.  The forlorn ruins at Hampi make you spellbound, the moment you see it.

The Jain temple at Pattadakal (Hampi), a UNESCO world heritage site.

Hampi Group of Monuments are a group of ten temples at the temple town of Hampi, which were declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Within the heritage site, you can find eight temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, ninth one is a Shaivite sanctuary known as the Papanatha Temple, and the tenth temple is a Jain Temple. Four temples were built in ‘Chalukya Dravida’ style of architecture, while four other temples were built in Northern Indian ‘Nagara style of architecture. The Shaivite sanctuary, Papanatha Temple, which is shown below, is a fusion of both ‘Chalukya Dravida’ and ‘Nagara’ style of architecture.

Hampi was once the seat of the Chalukya and Vijayanagar Empires, which ruled northern Karnataka, centuries back.

The UNESCO declared group of temples consists of the Virupaksha Temple, built in CE 740 which   is considered as one of the most outstanding architectural marvels in India. These World Heritage temples  at Hampi are a remarkable combination of temples built by the Chalukya Dynasty which ruled the areas of Aihole, Badami, and Pattadakal during the 6 to 8th centuries.

Vittala Temple Complex has an iconic stone chariot which is adopted by the Karnataka State Tourism department as its emblem.

How Do I Go to the Hampi Group of Monuments?

Hospet is the nearest railway station, at 13 kilometers distance.

The nearest airport is at Bellary, which is a domestic airport at 60 kilometers away. Bengaluru Alias Bangalore is the nearest international Airport at 350 kilometers distance from Hampi.

Hampi  is well connected  by roads to other parts of the country.

Gangavathi is a nearby city at around 27 kilometers from Hampi, on the other side of river Tungabhadra. Lot of cottages and resorts are there. Gangavathi is patronized by tourists to Hampi, especially foreign tourists.


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