The relics of Gautham Buddha at Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for the Buddhist Stupa, at Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi Stupa

The Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi contains the relics of Gautham Buddha. The Great Maurya Dynasty emperor Asoka constructed this Stupa in the third century B.C. This town was the venue of Emperor Ashoka’s wedding to Queen Devi and is also the birthplace of Queen Devi.

Four carved Toranas (gateways) were added during the 1st century BCE. These four gateways represent the four emotions: love, peace, courage, and trust. A balustrade was also constructed simultaneously, encircling the entire structure.

The great Stupa of Sanchi is 16 meters in height and 37 meters in diameter. This Stupa is the oldest structure made of stone bricks in India.

There are remains of the Pillar of Ashoka near the Stupa.

Stupas or Stupa ruins Near Gautham Buddha’s Sanchi Stupa

There are many other stupas or ruins around Lord Gautham Buddha’s Stupa.

Satdhara Stupas

There are 40 stupas at Satdhara around nine kilometers to the West of Sanchi. Relics of Sariputra and Mahamoggallana, two chief disciples of Gautama Buddha, were buried initially here. These two stupas were damaged, and the area is now enshrined in the new Vihara (Buddhist temple).

Bhojpur Stupas

30 to 60 stupas existed in this town, about 11 kilometers southeast of Sanchi. Many were damaged, and relics were believed to be carried to England by those who searched and found these stupas.

Andher Stupas

There is a group of three stupas at Adher town, located 19 kilometers southeast of Sanchi town.

Sonari Stupas

There are two stupas or so in this small town, Sonari. Some ornate reliquaries at this Stupa were taken to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Saru Maru Stupas and Buddhist Caves

There are many stupas in this small town called Saru Maru. Saru Maru town is 120 kilometers south of Sanchi in Sehore District in the nearby Madhya Pradesh state. Many Buddhist caves are also seen here.

Bharhut Stupa

Bharhut is a small town in the nearby Satna district of Madhya Pradesh state. Bharhut town is around 300 kilometers to the northeast of Sanchi town. Some stupa ruins are found here also.

How Do I Go to Stupa of Sanchi?

The great stupa is located at Sanchi Town, around 46 kilometers northeast of Bhopal, in central India. Roads connect this historic town to all parts of India.

Bhopal Junction railway station is the nearest major railway station. Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal is the nearest airport.