Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary

Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary is the latest addition to the wildlife parks of Tamilnadu. It is on the banks of river Cauvery and is the 17th wildlife sanctuary in Tamilnadu state. It has an area of approximately 686.406 hectares or 478 square kilometers.

A Brown fish owl in the Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary

Cauvery South Sanctuary is in the Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts, under the Anchetty, Urigam, and Jawalagiri forest range offices of Hosur Forest Division and some parts of Dharmapuri Forest Division.

Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary images

Image Source: Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s Tweet on the Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary

It is contiguous to the Cauvery North Wildlife Sanctuary and has existed since 12 March 2014. Now, there is a continuous stretch of around 50 kilometers of protected areas. It is also contiguous to the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

Image Source: Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s Tweet on the Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary

South Cauvery Wildlife Park is rich in flora and fauna. It is home to approximately 35 species of mammals. It is also the habitat for 238 species of birds. It is also an important habitat for riverine species. Four species of horned Antelopes are there in the Cauvery South sanctuary. Also seen are the Soft-shelled turtles and smooth-coated otters.

This new wildlife sanctuary is an elephant habitat with two corridors, namely, the Nandimangalam – Ulibanda Corridor and the Kovaipallam – Anebiddahalla Corridor.

Some of the main activities in this wildlife sanctuary are trekking, mountaineering, bird watching, fishing, white water rafting, etc.

Cauvery South Wildlife National Park was declared a protected area and a wildlife park through an extraordinary gazette notification, dated 7th November 2022. The first page of the notification can be seen in the above image.


  1. Refrain from getting confused by this sanctuary with the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary in the nearby Karnataka state.
  2.  Make sure to distinguish the Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary, the 17th wildlife sanctuary, with the newly declared 17th bird sanctuary in Tamilnadu, Nanjarayan tank, in the nearby Tirupur district.

How Do I Go to Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary?

South Cauvery Sanctuary or Park is under the Housr Forest division. It can be accessed from Anchetty, Urigam, and Jawalagiri towns. The nearby major cities are Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri.

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