Tughlakabad Fort of Tughlaq Dynasty at New Delhi

Tughlakabad For, an ancient ruined fort is situated on the southern edge of Delhi. It is situated at the heart of New Delhi, the capital city of India.

Tughlakabad Fort along the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road at New Delhi.

This site has an close resemblance to the ruins of Mohenjdaro and Harappa. The fort construction was started in 1321, as the headquarters of Tughlaq dynasty. It was built by Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, the founder of Tughlaq dynasty, to keep Mughal armies away from Delhi. Unfortunately, the fort was attacked in 1327.

The ancient monuments here contains of the Mausoleum of Ghiyath ud-Din Tughluq, along with two other graves which are believed to be of his wife and son (successor). It is made up of a single domed square tomb, which is 8 meters by 8 meters in dimension.

The  fantastic emerald green views of the fort are mesmerizing. There are artificial lakes and embankments around the fort and its surrounding areas. Tughlakabad  city is believed to have 52 gates in its heydays. 13 gates still remain in this ruined city. Massive stone fortifications can still be seen around the city. This is one among the historic places to see in New Delhi India.

A word of caution, beware of monkeys, which may steal your belongings.

How Do I Go to Tughlakabad Fort at New Delhi?

Tughlaqabad metro station on the Delhi metro is the nearest railway station. From there, you can take an auto to the fort.

Tughlakabad Fort Timings and Entry Fee

Tughlaqabad fort is open from 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There is a small entry fee to be paid, to visit this historic fort cum mausoleum.

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