Melghat Tiger Reserve

Melghat Tiger Reserve is in the Satpura range of hills in the Amravathi District of Maharastra state in India.

Tigers fight (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Melghat Reserve forests for Tigers is one of the first Tiger reserves in India. It was declared as a Tiger reserve in the year 1973. (In 1967, Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary was created.) Gugarnal National Park which covers an area of 360 square kilometers is part of Melghat Tiger Reserve. Melghat Reserve forests for the Bengali Tigers is spread over 1600 square kilometers in the area.

Tapi river is the major river that flows through the Tiger Reserve. The word Melghat in the Indian language Hindi means ‘ meeting of the Ghats’.  True to its name, unending hills and ravines are part of this magnificent Tiger Reserve.

These areas are rich in flora (with 648 varieties) and fauna. Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary is covered by deciduous forests with 41 species of mammals,  24 species of fish, 160 species of reptiles and snakes along with 250 species of birds. Fauna includes tiger, jackal, wild-bore sloth bear, sambar, four-horned antelope, leopard, barking deer, blue bull, etc.

Gavilgarh Fort inside the Melghat Tiger Reserve is rich in archaeological value and tourists can visit that site also.

Even though cases of poaching tigers were reported, nature has offered protection to Melghat Tiger Reserve in the form of rugged topography with only a few entry points. There is no tourism activity in the core area, of Melghat Tiger Reserve. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), a statutory body monitoring tiger reserves in India, has agreed to give approval to Special Tiger Protection Force ( STPF ) for Melghat tiger reserve.

How Do I Go to Melghat Tiger Reserve?

Melghat Tiger Reserve is accessible by road, train, and flight. Nagpur Airport at 260 kilometers away is the nearest airport. Badnera Junction at 124 kilometers distance, is the nearest main railway head. The station code for Badnera Junction for booking tickets at the railway booking website,, is BD.

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