What Everybody Ought To Know About Gondal Palace Heritage Hotel

Gondal is historic city and one of the eight first class princely states of Kathiawar Agency, political unit responsible for some 200 small princely states of current Gujarat state, under Bombay Presidency in British India. The princely state of Gondal was eligible for The 11 gun salute  from the British and was ruled by a  Rajput dynasty of the Jadeja clan.

Naulakha Palace at Gondal

His Highness Maharaja Bhagwat Sinhji, who reigned from 1888 until his death in 1944, was the most prominent of the rulers of this princely state. He introduced wide ranging social and economic  reforms. He was also instrumental in establishing many educational and public institutions along with good infrastructure. He also made girl child education free and compulsory. He abolished many taxes. He was also a leading personality in the development of railway industry in Saurashtra.

Naulakha Palace is the oldest palace among the Gondal palaces. It was the palace of the royal family at that time. It was built around 1748 AD and underwent extensions during the region of successive rulers. The former living quarters of the royal family is now being converted into a private museum. It exhibits some of the rare royal belongings. Naulakha palace also houses a vintage car museum, which has some of the rare vintage cars on display.

Orchard Palace was constructed as an extension of the Huzoor Palace, the royal residential palace, in the late 19th century, to host personal guests of the Maharaja.

Riverside Palace was  the residence of the Crown Prince of Gonda. It was constructed in 1880’s. It is now converted into 11 large and high-ceiling hotel rooms. A large number of resident and migratory birds can be seen here in this palace. The galleries  in this palace displays some of the rare family collection of the Royals.

Orchard Palace and Riverside Palace are now converted to a heritage hotel. The Royal Railway carriage  of Maharaja  is also converted into a luxury hotel room.  Residents of Orchard Palace and Riverside Palace are taken for a guided tour of these museums.

These properties are managed by HGH GROUP Riverside Palace & Orchard Palace.  These hotels are one the best hotels in Gondal.

How Do I Go to Gondal?

Gondalis at a distance of around 40 kilometers from Rajkot, a major city in the state of Gujarat. The state capital city Ahmedabad is at a distance of around 250 kilometers away. The refinery capital of India, Jamnagar, is at around 130 kilometers distance.

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