Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at  Thenmala in Kollam district, Kerala state, India.  Eco-tourism and Butterfly park are situated in and around Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. Eco-tourism and Butterfly park are part of Thenmala Eco-tourism Project, the first Eco-tourism project in India. Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is part of Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve.

Hump Nosed Viper (Hypnale hypnale) at Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a wildlife sanctuary on 25th August 1984. This sanctuary is spread over an area of s 172.403 square kilometers (i.e. 66.565 square miles). The name of the park Shendurney is derived from Chengurinji (Gluta travancorica), a tree endemic to the region.

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna.Flora includes Tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forests. Flowering plants numbering around 1257 species, belonging to more than 150 families, are found here. 267 bird species are also found here.

25 types of butterflies  are found in Asia’s first butterfly safari park here.They are not put into butterfly greenhouses or butterfly house. These butterflies live in their natural habitats on the butterfly garden plants in this butterfly safari park.

Highly elusive nocturnal bird, the Great Eared Nightjar, was spotted at Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. Lion-tailed macaque, a highly endangered animal specie, is also found here. Wildlife conservation efforts are yielding good results here.

There is an artificial lake with an area of 18.69 Square kilometers in size.

There is also a Mesolithic site. A cave dating back to Mesolithic age, has been found inside the wildlife sanctuary.

How Do I Go to Eco-tourism and Butterfly Park Site?

Shendurney Wildlife park entry gate is at Thenmala, a small town on the Kollam-Punalur-Shenkottai- Tirumangalam National Highway (NH 744) side.  Thenmala is situated  at around 75 kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram. Kollam town is at around 66 kilometers from Thenmala.

Punalur, the nearest major town is at around 20 kilometers from Thenmala. Shenkottai, another major nearby city, is at around 30 kilometers from Thenmala.

There are frequent bus services to Thenmala from Punalur government bus stand. (Punalur- Shenkottai buses)

Thenmala railway station on the Punalur- Shengottai route (now converted into broad gauge line from meter gauge) is the nearest railway station to Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary.

Anchal town is at around 29 kilometers distance from Thenmala. Kadakkal Temple, a unique temple with no  idol or a pujari (priest) is situated at Anchal.

Details on Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary Entry Permits and Night Stay

You need to get permit from Forest department office at Thenmala or from The Chief Wildlife Warden’s office at Thiruvananthapuram. Night stay facilities are available inside the sanctuary, subject to availability. Dormitory  is also available.

Camping facilities are also available, which is arranged by Thenmala Eco-tourism Promotion Society.

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