Did You Know that Datia Palace was Built to Welcome Mughal Emperor Jahangir?

Datia Palace alias Bir Singh Palace or Bir Singh Dev Palace is a place at Datia city in Madhya Pradesh state, India. It was built by Birsingh Dev to welcome Mughal Emperor Jahangir.
Datia Palace alias Bir Singh Palace or Bir Singh Dev Palace

Bir Singh helped Jehangir in ascending to the Mughal Throne, after Emperor Akbar’s death. There was a bitter power struggle between five prominent and legitimate sons of Emperor Akbar, after his demise. Jehangir succeeded in defeating his brothers (with Birsingh Dev and others help), after an eight day power struggle.  In return, Bir Singh was made the ruler of Datia state. It was expected that Emperor Jahangir  will be visiting this palace. But emperor Jahangir never visited this Palace (for reasons still unknown).

This magnificent Palace is known by different names like Satkhanda Palace, Datia Mahal, Purana Mahal meaning “Old palace”, etc.

Satkhanda Palace was built by Maharaj Birsingh Dev, the founder of the Princely state of Datia. In A.D 1614, on a visit to Mathura, Maharaj Birsingh Dev got himself weighed with gold. After this, he started constructing the Bir Singh Dev Palace in 1614.

No royal family members ever stayed in this palace; though it served as office.

Bir Singh Dev Palace is made on an isolated rock, on the western side of Datia city.

Palace in Detail

It cost 35 Lack Indian Rupees (78 thousand US dollars) in the 16th century, to built this magnificent and beautiful palace. It took nine years to build  Datia Mahal.

Datia Mahal is a magnificent seven storey palace. Mahal is the Hindi word for Palace. The southern face of the palace overlooks a large lake. Bir Singh Palace is square shaped. It is approximately 80 meters long and wide.

There are four octagonal towers; one at each corner. Ceilings of the palace is finely carved.  There are 440 rooms and many courtyards.  Interior walls are decorated with Bundela paintings.

There is a 40meter high, five storey tower at the center. The dome atop the tower is lotus petal shaped.

Purana Mahal is a fine example of the fusion of Indian and Islamic architecture. It is a combination of Mughal and Rajput architecture. Arched doorways and dome are examples of Mughal architecture. Sculptures and paintings of birds, animals and flowers is part of Rajput style of architecture.  It was built entirely with brick and stone.

Other Places of Tourist Interest Near Datia (Bir Singh) Palace

Numerous ancient temples, some of which dates back to pre-historic times, are  the hallmark of this city.  This city is nick-named ‘Laghu Vrindavan’ or ‘Small Vrindavan’.

Maharaj Birsingh Dev build 52 palaces and monuments, all around the state. Bir Singh Dev palace is the most famous among these 52 monuments.

How Do I Go to Datia Palace?

Datia Palace is at a distance of around 75 kilometers from Gwalior city.

Satkhanda Palace alias Datia Mahal is situated in between Gwalior and Jhansi stations. Datia Palace alias Bir Singh Dev Palace is visible to you, from the train.

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