Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary in Kerala – Lone Peafowl Sanctuary in India

Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary is situated under Peechi wildlife division of Kerala State Forest and Wildlife Department. It is situated in Alathur thaluk, Palakkad district, Kerala.  It’s spread over 343 hectares of land.

Photo of a peacock

Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary has a sizable populations of peacocks (male peafowl) and peahens (female peafowl). This is the only Peafowl Sanctuary in  the state of Kerala. In fact, it’s one of its kind in the whole of India. Don’t expect too many peacocks or peahens here. It’s being developed as a peafowl sanctuary and may take a few years to become the habitat for these beautiful birds.

Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary is dedicated to Late K. K. Neelakantan, a famous ornithologist. He was better known as Induchoodan; by his pen name.

Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary offers facility for nature camps. “Nature Education Center” is also there inside the peafowl sanctuary. One day nature awareness camps are conducted here.

A “butterfly park” also there inside the sanctuary, which adds to the beauty of this bird sanctuary.

There is a watch tower inside this bird sanctuary. Use of Plastic materials is banned inside this peacock sanctuary.

How Do I Go to Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary or Peacock Sanctuary?

Thiruvilwamala is the nearest town to Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary, at around 9 kilometers from the peafowl sanctuary.

This peahen and peacock sanctuary is at a distance of around 28 kilometers from Palakkad town. Thrissur town is at around 28 kilometers from the lone peacock and peahen sanctuary in Kerala.

There is no entry fee to the peafowl sanctuary. Details can be obtained from the Wildlife Warden’s office, Peechi, Kerala. Phone number is +91-0487-2699017.


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