Information on the 8th to 12th Century Temples at Osian

Osian is an oasis in the Thar desert of Rajasthan, famous for 18 ruined Brahmanical & Jain temples.  These ancient temples were constructed in between 8th and  12th centuries. It is situated in Jodhpur district.

Osian temple

Sachiya Mata Temple, Mahaveera Jain Temple, Surya temple (Sun Temple) and Kali temple, situated in this historic city, are a real treat to your eyes. These temples are known for its exquisitely carved pillars. These temple resembles to the temples at Khajuraho.  Hence Osian  is also known as “Khajuraho of Rajasthan”.

Osian or Osiyan was a religious center during the  reign  of Gurjara Pratihara dynasty. During the reign of Guptas, this town was also a major trading center. It was also a major center of  Brahmanism and Jainism for hundreds of years till 1195, when the town  was attacked by the Turkish and Muslim armies of Muhammed of Ghor.  Many of the temples were destroyed at time. The residents of the city fled the area and never returned.  As per 2001 census report, there are 12,452 inhabitants at this historic city. This small town is famous for Osian sand dunes.

This historic town is an important pilgrimage town for Oswal Jain and Maheshwari communities. (Maheshwari  is a sub-section of bania caste). There is an ancient  Mahavira temple at this town. Lord Mahavira, who  also known as  Lord Vardhamana, was the  24th Tirthankara of Jainism. He who lived in 6th century BC. Vardhamana temple here was constructed in A. D. 783, during the reign of Vatsaraj. He was the Gurjara Pratihara ruler of that time.

At its peak, this historic town of Osiyan had over 100 Jain temples.

How Do I Go to Osian Temple Jodhpur?

NH 11  which starts at Jaisalmer and ends at Jhunjhunu (both in Rajasthan state), passes through Osian.

Osian Railway Station is the the nearest railway station. It is a small station. Jodhpur  railway station is a major railway station and is well connected to other parts of India. Osian to Jodhpur distance is 67.8 kilometers. The nearest airport is at Jodhpur.

Bikaner city is at around 183 kilometers distance. Jaipur, the pink city, is located at around 354 kilometers.

Osiyan Hotels

Rawla Resort, Safari Camp, Camp Thar, Hotel Ganpati Plaza, etc, are some of leading Osiyan hotels. Sand Dunes Resort & Camp is one among the leading resorts in jodhpur.

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  1. Dalene

    Osian for sure looks like a great tourist attraction site; it bears much history yet again it’s still beautiful! The fact that it is an oasis in a desert is already appealing!

    1. touristi

      Thank you Dalene for the comments. Osian has also a turbulent history; Being one of the major cities in India, to one that was abandoned.

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