Fort Jadhavgadh Heritage Hotel

Fort Jadhavgadh, the lone heritage hotel in the state of Maharashtra, is at around 22 kilometers distance from Pune. It was the royal residence of the Maratha regime.

Fort Jadhavgadh Hotel and Resort

Image courtesy – Fort Jadhavgadh Hotel and Resort website.

Fort Jadhavgadh was constructed in 1710, on 25 acres land. It is situated at an altitude of 2511 feet above sea level. Pilaji Jadhavrao constructed this fort. He was the Maratha General in the army of Emperor Chhatrapati Shahuji. Pilaji Jadhavrao was among the select group of loyal men of Shahuji, to help him sat on the throne of the Maratha empire, majority of which was lost to Mughals during long drawn battles.

Emperor Chhatrapati Shahuji was the grandson of Great Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji and son of Emperor Sambhaji. He was kept prisoner by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. After the death of Aurangzeb, Shahuji was released. Pilaji Jadhavrao built this fort as a safe fort for the young Shahuji and also to train the soldiers. Chhatrapati Shahu reigned the Maratha Empire from 1707 to 1749.

The Royal rooms are now converted into a heritage hotel. There are a total of 58 rooms in this heritage hotel. These include 3 suites, 12 royal tents & 4 Neem Forest cottages, along with 39 rooms of various types. There is also an in-house museum, The Aai Museum.

How Do I Go to Fort Jadhavgadh Heritage Hotel?

Fort Jadhavgadh Heritage Hotel is at around 22 kilometers from Pune city. Mumbai is at around 180 kilometers from this magnificent fort and palace.

Raigad Fort

A Fantastic Trip To Raigad Fort With Minimal Spending? Here’s How

Raigad Fort is a magnificent fort which was the capital of Maratha kingdom, established by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Raigad district, Maharastra.

Raigad Fort
Raigad Fort

This beautiful fort was seized by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1656  from Chandrarrao More, then ruler of Adilshahi dynasty, under the Sultanate of Bijapur. At that time, this fort was known as Rairi. Chhatrapati (Chhatrapati means Monarch) Shivaji Maharaj renamed it as Raigad Fort, when he was formed crowned as the first King of in 1674.

This majestic fort is at an altitude of 2,700 ft or 820 meters. It is situated on  Sahyadri mountain ranges. There are 1737 steps leading to the fort. There is a rope way which transports tourists to the Raigad Fort in around 10 minutes from the base rope-way station. Raigad fort trekking is also popular with tourists. 

Maha Darwaja,  Hindi words which means Huge Door, is the gateway to the fort. From the Maha Darwaja, one has to climb another 600 feet to reach the top of the fort. Fort ruins and Palace Ruins are the major attractions inside the fort.  There is a statue of Shivaji inside the fort, situated at the exact spot where his  coronation ceremony took place. There is a Museum displaying Artifacts, Armory, Photographs, etc. “Shiv Teerth Raigad” is a short film screened for the tourists. Samadhi of Jijabai, mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, is there at the base village, Pachad.

Raigad  fort was  captured by the British in the Third Anglo-Maratha War in 1818 . They destroyed much of the fort and the palace inside the fort. They also looted the palace. Thus  the Maratha kingdom which was established in 1674, ended in 1818 with the defeat of Peshwa Bajirao II (1795 to 1818).

Ganga Sagar Lake is the source of water to this Shivaji Maharaj fort.

How Do I Go to Raigad Fort?

Raigad Ropeway Station is at a distance of around 2.5 kilometers from Pachad, the base village. Mahad is the taluka headquarters and the nearest major town, at around 24 kilometers away. NH 66 passes through Mahad. Raigad is at around 140 kilometers to the south of Mumbai city. Raigad is at around 150 kilometers from Pune city.

Veer Railway Station is at a distance  around 40 kilometers from Raigad fort. This station is well connected to Mumbai and Pune.

Mumbai Shivaji International airport and Pune International Airport are two nearby airports to the fort, at around 150 kilometers distance.

How to Visit Rigad Fort With Minimal Spending?

Don’t pay extra for any middleman. Raigad fort ropeway booking can be done only at the  Ropeway Ticket Office at the base village. You can get accommodation and food also at minimal cost, if you book through the website mentioned in the earlier sentence.

Harihar Fort

What’s So Unique About Harihar Fort?

Harihar Fort is an ancient fort near to Nashik city in Maharashtra state, India. It is  one of its kind in India, as one needs to trek through the scrub forests and then climb the 60 meters rock cut stairs numbering around 117 or so, to reach the top of the fort.

Harihar Fort
Harihar Fort near Nashik,India. It is known locally as Harihar Killa or Harihargad or Harshagad

This magnificent fort was built during the region of  Seuna  alias Yadava dynasty with its capital at Devagiri (850–1334). It was constructed to watch the trade route passing through Gonda Ghat.

It is known as Harihar killa by locals. Killa is a Hindi language word. Killa means fort. Locals does not know the name Harihar Fort.

Harshagad or Harihar Fort attracts many tourists and trekkers.  Even though many of the steps are worn out,  the holes on the sides of the steps helps one to hold-on and climb. Once you reach the main entrance of the fort, turn to the left and continue climbing the helical rock-cut steps, which are steeper than the steps till the main entrance. At many areas, only one person can pass through these steps.

You can see the ruins of the buildings on top of the fort. There are no buildings in good condition, except for a storage house. You can see the rock-cut water cisterns at the center of the fort.

It is a dangerous trekking route and there are cliffs on one side and the steps may be slippery during monsoon season due to the continuous flow of water through the steps. Monkeys also causes problem for the trekkers.

How Do I Go to Harihar Fort?

Harshewadi is the nearest village at around 13 kilometers from the fort. It is the one among the two base camps for Harshewadi fort trekking. It is the easiest access route to this ancient fort. There are bus service to Kasurli village, which is situated at the bottom of Harshewadi village. From the bus stop, you need to climb a small hill to reach Harshewadi.

Nirgudpada  is the second base camp for trekking to the fort. It is at around 34 kilometers from the fort. (Nirgudpada is also the base camp for Basgad fort trekkers, another nearby fort.) There are public transport buses to Nirgudpada.

Igatpuri town, a nearby major town,  is at a distance of around 48 kilometers from Nirgudpada.  Nashik city is at a distance of around 96 kilometers from Nirgudpada. Mumbai is at a distance of around 175 kilometers from Harshewadi fort.

Bandra Fort

Bandra Fort or Castella de Aguada, Historical Monument at Mumbai

Bandra Fort or Castella de Aguada, as is known in Portuguese, is an ancient fort situated at Bandra, Mumbai.

Bandra Fort or Castella de Aguada
Bandra Fort or Castella de Aguada, Mumbai.

This magnificent fort was constructed in 1640. The purpose was to use the fort as a watchtower, overlooking the Arabian Sea, Mahim Bay and the southern island of Mahim. This fort was one among the many forts constructed by the Portuguese along the western coast of India, during their rule in the middle of the last millennium.

In 1739, the fort was attacked by the Marathas. They won and took control over the fort. In 1774, the British invaded the fort and took control of it after the First Anglo-Maratha War.

In the early 18th century, after the decline of the Portuguese rule in India, the Marathas became the greatest threat to British possessions in Mumbai. The British partially demolished the fort. This was done as a precautionary measure to avoid the possibility of the fort being used by the Marathas as a forward military base to attack British ruled Bombay (Mumbai is the new name).

Bandra Fort is one among the best historical monuments to visit near Bandra. This historic fort spans across different levels, ranging from sea level to an altitude of 24 meters. Several movies has been pictured in the fort.

Taj Land’s End hotel is currently responsible for the maintenance of this Historical Monument, Castella de Aguada. In 2003, local residents association along with the help of Shabana Azmi, the Member of Parliament, restored masonry walls of the fort. These walls were in severely damaged condition. The brick arch, which was on the verge of collapse, was also repaired.

How Do I Go to Bandra Fort?

Bandra Fort is accessible by road. It is at a distance of around 18 kilometers from the Gateway of India. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is at around 8.5 kilometers from the historic fort, Castella de Aguada Alias Bandra Fort.


Toranmal Hill Station on the Satpura Range of Mountains and Gorakhnath Temple

Toranmal is a hill station is hill station located in the Satpura Range of Mountains in Nandurbar district, Maharashtra state, India.

Toranmal View Point
Toranmal View Point – Source –

The hill station is a small plateau. From south to north of this plateau, a stream feeds two lakes; Yashawant Lake and Lotus Lake. Lotus lake got its name because of the lotus flowers, which covers a large portion of the lake.

Gorakhnath Temple is located in this hill station. This temple is famous for the Mahashivratri Yatra, which is attended by thousands of devotees. Devotees from Maharashtra and its neighboring states walk barefoot for days and reach Gorakhnath Temple or Gorakhnath mandir, especially on Mahashivratri day. Nagarjun Temple is another famous temple here.

How Do I Go to Toranmal Hill Station?

This hill Station is situated at a distance of 55 kilometers from Shahada city. Dondaicha railway station with station code DDE, is at around 75 kilometers distance from Shahada city.

Nandurbar railway station with station code NDB, is the nearest railway station at around 76 kilometers from the hill station. Dhule with station code DHI, is situated at around 90 kilometers distance from the hill station.

Nearest Airport is at Surat at around 240 kilometers distance, in the nearby state of Gujrat. Aurangabad airport is at around 285 kilometers distance from this hill station. Mumbai is at around 500 kilometers from this hill station.

Is There Any Good Hotels at Toranmal Hill Station?

Yes. There are a few resorts are hotels at this hill staiton. Goverment of Maharashtra has a rest house at this hill station town. Toranmal Hill Resort is one among the best Toranmal hotels resorts.

Furthermore, there are many good hotels at Satpura Town, a nearby town to this Beautiful Hill station.