What Happened to the Elephant Which Jumped into Anachadikuth Falls?

Anachadikuth falls alias Thommankuthu falls is located near to Thodupuzha town in Idukki District, Kerala state, India.

Anachadikuth falls.  Image courtesy – Akhil George

The word Ana means Elephant and chadi  means jumped. Locals say elephant herds used to come to the top of the falls to drink water. It is said that an elephant has jumped (or fallen) from top into the bottom of the falls. Nobody knows what happened to the elephant. The falls got its name from this incident!

If the above mentioned  reason is not true, it may be for the big black rock, which looks like an elephants back, which gave the name to the falls. This elephant like rock is situated where people bath.

This falls is also known as Anayadikuth falls or Aanayadikuth falls.

This falls is also known as Thommankuthu falls.  The reason why Thommankuthu falls got this name is because, it is believed that it was the  great hunter, Mr. Thommachen Kuruvinakunnel, who let the outside world know of this beautiful falls. He found this falls inside the jungle in the late 1920’s.

It is not tough to reach Anachadikuth falls. People of all ages, especially families can enjoy this falls. You can take bath in the falls and it is quite safe unless you go for diving or climbing the falls. It is not crowded and is slowly gaining popularity.

It is wide falls situated inside forests of Thommankuthu Eco-tourism area. The water from top falls over the massive rocks into the bottom lake like area.

There is another fall called Thommankuthu falls at the same village, Thommankuthu. It is at about 2 kilometers from Thommankuthu Bus Stop.

How Do I Go to Anachadikuth falls?

Thodupuzha  is the nearest city at around 22 kilometers distance from Anachadikuth falls. Anayadikuth falls  is situated in Thommankuthu village panchayat. The falls is situated near to Anachadikuth junction near Thommankuthu Bus Stop.

You can take your vehicle close to Anachadikuth waterfalls. You need to walk around 30 meters or so, through a private road, with rubber trees on both sides.  Then you need to climb a few steps to reach the hilltop. From the hilltop, you need to again walk for a few meters to reach this scenic and serine falls.

There is a small but decent shop near the falls. There is also a toilet there.

Kuruppanthara railway station and Vaikom road railway station on the Kottayam – Ernakulam railway line are the nearest railway stations, at around 30 kilometers distance. Very few express trains stops at these two stations. Nearest Major railway stations are Ernakulam South alias Ernakulam Junction and Ernakulam North alias Ernakulam Town, at around 70 plus kilometers distance from the falls near Anachadikuth Junction at Thommankuthu.

Cochin International airport at Nedumbrasssery, on the outskirts of Cochin, is the nearest airport to 


Anayadikuth falls or Aanayadikuth falls is an unexploited waterfall in Kerala state. Are you interested in visiting this magnificent falls? Please leave your comments.

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