Cave temples, Gurdaspur

Cave temples at Gurdaspur in Punjab state of India, are a group of very ancient temples dug into the rock face on the banks of Ravi River.

These Cave temples are believed to be associated with “Pandavas”, of the great Hindu epic, Mahabharatha. There is a cleft, a little away from the rock temple site at Shahpur Kandi. This cleft is known as “Arjun’s Chulha” (Hindi word ‘chulha’ means ‘stove’ in English. ‘Arjun is one among the five brothers, known as “Pandavas”, heroes in the great Hindu epic, Mahabharatha.)

Sehdev’s Cave” is another famous cave at Shahpur Kandi. All these suggests to the association of these places to ‘Pandavas’.

Cave temples found here are also called ‘Doong Caves’, as they are situated near to Doong city.

How Do I Go to The Cave Temples of Gurdaspur?

The cave temples are located mid-way between Dhar and Shahpur Kandi, near to Doong. The cave temples  are situated 8 kilometers north-east of Shahpur Kandi. Pathankot is a major city near to Gurdaspur.

Gurdaspur District

The Gurdaspur district, the northern most district of Punjab, is sand-witched between the rivers ‘Ravi’ and ‘Beas’. This district shares its borders with Pakistan on the north western side, Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir state on the northern side. Chamba and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh state lies on the north-eastern side of the district. Hoshiarpur district borders this district on the south-eastern side while Kapurthala district lies on the southern side of the district. Amritsar district lies on the the south western side of Gurdaspur district.

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