Marayur Sandalwood and Stone Age Civilization

Marayur is known for the Dolmens  and Stone Age Civilization.  Marayur or Marayoor is also famous for its natural sandalwood. It is situated in the state of Kerala, India.

Marayur, the Sandalwood and the Stone Age Civilization

Dolmens of Marayoor.

The ancient unique Dolmens and rock paintings found here indicates that civilization of Marayur dates back to 10000 B.C.  It is also proof for the petroglyph skills which existed in the Stone Age Civilization days. Its the confluence of  history, culture and wilderness at Marayoor.

Sandalwood Santalum album forest, Marayoor, Kerela

Sandalwood forest near Marayoor

The Dolmens which belong to the Iron age and the caves, rock edicts, engravings, etc,  tells us the history and the rich heritage of Marayoor.  Rock paintings at Attala, in the western Marayor, has more than 90 paintings in rock, most of which are abstract designs, except for a few paintings which depicts humans and animals.  There is a rock painting of a man and a deer in the nearby Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. A new rock painting was recently discovered near to this painting.

Marayur has around 100 species of flowering plants, including medicinal plants. Sandalwood is a  highly aromatic wood, used for scents and perfumes and for herbal medicine. Processing of Sandalwood and the Sandalwood oil is the major local industry. Sandalwood oil, otherwise called Liquid Gold for its high price, is extracted from the roots and the wood of the Sandalwood tree.

Marayur Heritage Safari

Munnar wildlife division of Kerala Forest department offers Marayur Heritage Safari. It is a Jeep safari. 3 hour package costs INR 3500 for 6 persons. It covers 5 locations. Another package which covers 10 locations in 6 hours is charged INR 5000 for 6 persons.

How Do I Go to Marayur?

Marayur Town is in Idukki district of Kerala state. It is  well connected by roads to other parts of Kerala and the neighbouring state, Tamilnadu. Marayur is at 42 kilometers north of Munnar Hills, on the Aluva – Munnar- Udumalpet road, i.e. on the Kerala State Highway 17. Anamalai, the highest peak in southern India, is located close to Marayur.

Palani Railway station is the nearest one at around 68 kilometers distance. This is not on the main line and the  nearest major mainline station is Coimbatore, at around 115 kilometers distance. Another major railway staion, Ernakulam Junction railway station, is at around 156 kilometers distance. Aluva railway station (near Kochi) is  at around 144 kilometers distance. Kottayam railway station is at around 168 kilometers distance.

Cochin International airport at around 145 kilometers distance and Madurai Airport at around 169 kilometers distance are the nearest airports to Marayur.

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