Ubbalamadugu Falls alias Varadhapalayam Falls or Tada Falls Near Chennai

Ubbalamadugu Falls alias Varadhapalayam Falls Or Tada Falls is situated at around 10 kilometers inside reserved forests near Varadhapalayam and Tada, in Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh state, India. It is one of the best weekend getaways for Chennai residents.

Ubbalamadugu Falls alias Varadhapalayam Falls Or Tada Falls

Varadhapalayam Falls or Ubbalamadugu Falls is situated deep inside the “Kaambakam reserve forest”. Mud roads are there to go to the falls. Vehicles go through a very scenic route with a large lake on your left side.

Entry Procedure to Ubbalamadugu Falls alias Varadhapalayam Falls or Tada Falls

You need to get entry permit for each person and vehicle at the Andhra Pradesh forest department entrance gate. Entry is allowed from 6 am up to 4 pm in the evening. You need to come out by 6 pm. Entry fee per person is rupees 50. Two wheeler entry fee is also the same. Car entry fee is rupees 200. The rates are written at the entrance. There is a fee for camera also. Please confirm the rates and pay the amount, at the counter only. Forest department will issue you a receipt for the amount paid.

You need to travel around 3 or 4 kilometers from the entry gate to reach the parking lot. Some portions of the road are in off-road condition. On the left side of the parking lot, you will find a small temporary bridge to cross the stream.

You may come across a few people bathing here on one side this bridge. If  you walk straight, you can see the stream on your left side. Keep walking. Whenever you feel like bathing, turn to your left and take a refreshing bath int he cold waters of the stream. A word of caution. The water flow is very powerful to even carry adults. There are rocks along the path of the stream. Hence, take care.

This falls and the stream are one of the best falls I have seen in South India. Since the falls is hard to access (which needs to be trekked for a couple of hours along the stream side), very few tourists goes to the actual falls. Entry fee also prevents many from coming here. Many of the other nearby falls in Andhra Pradesh state line Kone Falls, does not charge any entry fee, vehicle entry fee, camera fee, etc.

How Do I Go to Ubbalamadugu Falls alias Varadhapalayam Falls Or Tada Falls?

Ubbalamadugu Falls alias Varadhapalayam Falls Or Tada Falls is very close to Tada town and Sri City. It is around 90 kilometers from Chennai city. Sriharihota rocket launching station is situated very close to Varadhapalayam and Sri City.

Always go via Tada. After crossing the Varadhapalayam goverment bus depot, you will find a sign board on the left side, written “Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls”.

If you ask locals near the state border in Tamilnadu, some of them may misguide you (out of ignorance of the falls) to go via Sathyavedu town. This route is circuitous and should be avoided. Right now, from Sathyavedu to Tada road, a large number of culverts are under construction. It is very tedious to travel by this route.

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