Theri Kaadu or Teri or Teri Dune Complex – Red Sand Desert Near Thiruchendur

Theri Kaadu is a red sand desert near Thiruchendur in Tamilnadu, India. Theri Kaadu desert is spread over parts of Tirunelveli  and Tuticorin districts.

Wikipedia says (minor edits like spelling were mistakes corrected and reference numbers and back-links were deleted)

“Teri or Teri dune complex is a coastal landscape peculiar to some parts of Tamil Nadu mainly in southeastern India. The landscape consists of sediments dating to the Quaternary Period and made of marine deposits with aeolianite and characteristic red sand and silt dunes. These red soils are thought to have originated in the Pleistocene. Robert Bruce Foote hypothesized that these dunes were created by the action of winds (aeolian) lifting the fine silt fraction from further east.These dunes are oriented along the axis running parallel to the coast and between the latitudes of 8°00′ to 9°30′ N and longitudes 77°18′ to 79°00′ E. The soils also have calcium deposits replacing the old roots of vegetation. The soil is rich in Ilmenite and the red color is derived from haematite originating from garnet.”

Even though it looks like dessert, these areas receives  some annual rainfall. There there are a few ponds and big trees. There are peacocks, owls, lizards and other other small fauna species. Pal trees,Cashew trees along with some shrubs can also be seen in this area.

There are many temples in this area. Ayyanaar temples  are seen in plenty. Arunchunai Kaatha Ayyanar temple is a famous such temple.

How Do I Go to Theri Kaadu, the Red Dessert in India?

Theri Kaadu or Teri or Teri dune complex is at around 15 kilometers from Thiruchendur Lord Murugan temple. There are frequent buses to this area. The Teri dune areas can be seen at many places, if you go a little inside, from the Tuticorin-Thiruchendur-Kanyakumari road.

Thiruchendur town is well connected by roads to other parts of the country. Thiruchendur railway station is the nearest railway station to the Theri sane dunes. Thoothukudi airport is the nearest airport; thoughit is  a small one with very few flights. Madurai airport is the nearest major airport to the Teri dune complex in south Tamilnadu.

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