Historical Monument Teen Darwaza at Ahmedabad

Teen Darwaza is an ancient gateway built in 1415, on the east of Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad, India. These three Darwazas were constructed by Ahmed Shah I. The work was completed in 1415.

Teen Darwaza in Ahmedabad.

Teen Darwaza (Darwaza means door) consists of three arches which leads to a larger area, which was once the outer courtyard Maidan Shah Palace. The center arch has a width of 17 feet. the outer arches has a width of 13 feet each. It has a height of 25 feet. Once the gateway is crossed, there is a a fountain at the center.

The gateway was a roofed structure earlier. In 1877, repair works to the gateway were undertaken. The roof was removed as part of this work.

Head of the erstwhile Gujarat Sultanate used to hold court hearings on top of this Darwaza, on the terrace.

In 1459, Sultan Mahmud Begada or Mahmud Shah I, the young King of Gujarat Sultanate, aged less than 15 years at that time, marched through this historic gateway with 300 horsemen and a bow in hand. This was when he was confronted by rebel nobles of his own sultanate numbering around 30000. The king ordered the roads leading to the fort to be guarded by elephants and marched slowly along the main street, with Royal band playing music. Even though the juvenile King was trembled at the sight of the rebellion forces, his act of bravery earned him support of many of his subjects. He succeeded in destroying the rebellion leaders and won the attack on his kingdom.

There is a plaque with inscriptions on the arch with details of the decree from Maratha governor, Chimnaji Raghunath. declaring equal right to women in inheriting their ancestral property. The inscriptions are in Devnagari script and dated is 10th October 1812. It reads

“Let the daughter get her due share of fathers property without any hitch. So is Lord Vishwanath’s command. If you defy, the Hindu will have to answer Mahadev and the Mussalman will have to explain to Allah or Rasool.”

Teen Darwaza area is now houses a market.

How Do I Go to Teen Darwaza?

Teen Darwaza, one of the main places to visit near Ahmedabah, is situated at the heart of the city of Ahmedbad.

Ahmedabad Junction railway station with 10 platforms, with station code ADI, is the main station in the city. Ahmedabad MG with station code ADIJ, is another station in the city.

Sabarmati Junction railway station, situated near Sabarmati Ashram, is at around 7 kilometers away. Sabarmati Ashram was the residence of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Great Freedom fighter and father of the nation (India). Sabarmati Ashram is at a distance of 6 kilometers away from the 3 Darwazas. It is one of the main places of interest in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad airport is at around 9 kilometers distance from the famous Teen Darwaza arches.

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