Tattapani Hot Water Springs

Tattapani is a small village near the Hill Station town of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh state of India, where a chain of hot water springs exists along the right banks of the river Sutlej.

Tattapani Hot Water Springs.

Tattapani Hot Water Sulphur Springs are situated at an altitude of around 650 meters above sea level. The hot water springs are rich in Sulfur and is having curative and invigorating powers. The irony is that these hot water springs are situated in one of the coldest hill stations in India. Similar hot water springs are found at Manikaran (near Kullu hill station) and Vashisht (near Manali hill station).

The hot water springs are spread over one square kilometer and is easily accessible by motorable roads.

Tattapani is also a pilgrimage place for Hindus. It is believed that one can cleanse oneself of one’s sins, by taking a dip in the Hot water spings , during month of Magha (January-February) or on the Baisakhi day (April 13th).

Shiva Caves are situated at a distance of just 3 kilo meters from the hot water springs.

How do I go to Tattapani?

Tattapani is at a distance of around 51 kilometers from Shimla. Naldehra is at a distance of around 30 kilometers.

What about Tattapani hotels?

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has a Tourist Bungalow at Tattapani, which offers one of the best accommodation for a tourist. Hotel Hot Spring Theme and Hotel New Spring View are two other good Tattapani hotels.

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