Talakona Waterfalls in Chittoor District

Talakona waterfalls is situated inside Sri Venkateswara National Park in Nerabailu village, Yerravaripalem Mandal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India. This waterfall is 270 feet in height (i.e. 82 meters) and is the largest fall in Andhra Pradesh and is part of the Eastern Ghats.

View of Talakona waterfalls.

Talakona waterfalls got its name from its Telugu meaning ‘head hill’ (tala means head and Kona means hill). The forests around the falls are rich in flora and fauna and is covered with Sandalwood trees and are home to many rare and endangered species of animals like Slender Loris, Golden Gecko, Mouse Deer, Indian Giant Squirrel, Panther, Porcupine, Sambar, Chital, etc. Endemic species like Cycas beddomeii, Red Sander are found in these forests.

Those who are adventurous can choose from, many long and treacherous Talakona trekking routes, to go to the top of the hills. There are many deep caves scattered across hills, which were believed to be the meditation places for sages.

Lord Siddheswara Swamy Temple is situated close to the falls. Another nearby fall, Kone waterfalls, is on the Puttur-Uttukottai Road.

How Do I Go to Talakona Waterfalls?

This waterfall is situated near to Tirupati-Madanapalli high way and is at a distance of 49 kilometers from Tirupati; the famous temple town. This Falls is at a distance of 220 kilometers from Chennai and 105 kilometers from Chittoor; the district headquarters. Bakarapeta is the nearest town to the falls, at a distance of 23 kilometers.

Renigunta Airport, the nearest airport, is at a distance of 75 kilometers from the falls.

Talakona Room Booking

Talakona room booking is available with Forest department Rooms. Andhra Pradesh state tourism department offers jungle cottages for a stay near Talakona waterfalls.

One needs to stay overnight, to enjoy the abundant beauty of nature. If you carry the required sleeping bags with you, it would be ideal to stay overnight.

There are many private hotels and resorts in and around Talakona waterfalls, catering to the needs of the tourists to this great Chennai Weekend Getaway Destination.