Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve is in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state in India.  It is the oldest and the largest national park in the state of Maharashtra. Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve was created in this park in 1995, as part of Project Tiger to save Royal Bengal Tiger, an Indian tiger species.

Two Bengal tigers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tadoba reserve consists of the Chimur Hills. Andhari sanctuary is made up of  Moharli and Kolsa ranges. This tiger reserve is spread over an area of 625 square kilometers. These areas are covered by thick forests; mainly teak and other trees like bamboo, mahua, jamun, tenndu trees cover the forests. This tiger reserve is part of the Western Ghats. Cliffs, deep valleys, caves, etc, makes this a magnificent tourist spot.

Tadoba lake is a vast lake which offers perennial water source for the wild habitats especially the Mugger crocodiles.

This tiger reserve has a 12 seater small bus that offers Jungle wildlife Safari at Tadoba.

Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve is very rich in Flora and Fauna.

Around 65 Bengal Tigers are found here. Other than tigers, Panthers, jackals, Rusty Spotted Cat, wild dogs, barking deer, bison, Indian mouse deer, sambar, Wild Pig, Ratel, Four-horned antelope, Flying Squirrel,  etc, are found in Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve.

195 species of birds are found here, including three endangered species, making it a bird watchers paradise.

How Do I Go to Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra?

The closest railhead is located at Chandrapur, on the Chennai – New Delhi railway line at around 45 kilometers from the national park. The major railhead is 140 kilometers away at Nagpur, which is well connected by train, bus, and air.

Which is the Best time to visit Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve?

Except during the monsoon season, you can visit the tiger reserve. During peak summer months of April and May. Tigers come out of forests to water bodies and can be seen and heard. Many tourists report frequent tiger spotting.

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