The Speleologists Heaven in The North Eastern State of Meghalaya

Speleologists Heaven : – Meghalayan Caves are among the some of the longest and most sought after caves in India. There are around 1000 caves in the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya, India, This makes Meghalaya state a Speleologists Heaven (i.e. Cave researchers).

Speleologists Heaven of Meghalaya. Jantia Hill’s cave Expedition in progress. Photo Source : Creative commons File Source : F Simpson. File Author : Biospeleologist.

The Caves are the main Shillong tourist places in Meghalaya. Krem Dam Cave, the largest cave in length Indian sub-continent with a length of nearly 1297 meters, is the cave which is regarded as one of the best cave, bestowed with nature’s beauty. Krem Dam Cave is a sedimentary rock formation with deposits of quartz alone and quartz with feldspar. The cave entrance is a huge one, which is the main attraction of this cave. This is in contrast to other caves of India, which has narrow entrances. The blue waters from a stream stretches across the primary passage-way of the Krem Dam cave, which makes one of the best and mesmerizing ambiance; Making it a Speleologists Heaven.

Krem Mawmluh Cave is 4503 meters in height. Five rivers pass close to the cave of Krem Mawmluh. Krem Mawmluh Cave is made of stalagmite formations. Krem Mawmluh Cave is situated at around half kilometer distance, on the western side of Cherrapunjee. Krem Mawmluh Cave is the forth largest cave in India and is also a Speleologists Heaven.

Mawsynram Cave is made of stalagmite formations which looks like a “Shivalinga”. This caves is known locally as “Mawjymbuin”. Mawsynram cave is located at a distance of 56 kilometers from Shillong at Mawsynram village. Those with trekking exposure can go to the peak of the rock formation, from the base of the stalagmite formation by upward trekking, The view from peak point is one which is worth trekking; it gives a clear view of valley, the plans and the gushing river waters of Bangladesh. “Symper Rock“, an extra-ordinary formation of rocks, close to the Weiloi Village, is at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the Ranikor – Balat – Mawsynram – Shillong Highway. The body of this rock formation resembles a dome and this rock formation ascends all of a sudden, from among the hillocks of nearby region.

Mawsmai Cave alias “Krem Phyllut” is close to the Nohsngithiang Falls. Mawsmai Cave has huge halls and gallery‘s which interconnects the different cave halls. Mawsmai Cave entry point is near to Cherrapunjee, the place which receives the maximum rainfall in India. This cave is pitch dark and torch light or candles are required to see this wonderful cave. The light gets reflected in a large number of crystal colors.

Siju cave alias Dobakkol (meaning bat’s cave) is on the banks of banks of River Simsang,near to the Siju village. Naphak Lake lies close to Siju cave. This cave is a stalactites lime-stone formation which looks like the Blue Grotto caves of Isle of Capri. Siju cave is the third longest cave in India. Siju caves are situated 30 kilometers on the northern side of Baghmara.

Krem Kotsati, a 3650 meters lengthy cave, is another cave which has eight entrances! You have a wade through a pool of water with appropriate swimming wear, if you are entering from the main entrance. Otherwise, you may have to depend on inflatable rubber boats or swim, to enter this case, as river waters surrenders the cave at Krem Kotsati.

Krem Lashinng is another major cave at 37 kilometers from Jowai. The cave is a large one with a length of 1650 meters, width of 50 meters and 40 meters in height. This cave is covered with mud and is very slippery; a dangerous cave without the help of guides. Months preceding the monsoon season, i.e. Fbruary and March, are the ideal season to visit the Krem Lashinng cave.

Krem Soh Shympi is another deep cave situated at Mawlong village, with 20 meter deep pot-hole entrance and a length of 760 meters.

Krem Umshangktat is one of the most sought-after Speleologists Heaven in Meghalaya. The entry into this cave needs tedious trekking. This cave has a length of 955 meters and the entrance to the cave is 350 meters in width.

Krem Laitprah or Um Imladit is the longest cave In India with a length of approximately 22 kilometers. This is also in Meghalaya state.

Krem Sweep, at a distance of 47 kilo meters from Jowai, is another major cave in Meghalaya, famous for its stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Ho Do I Go to The Speleologists Heaven in Meghalaya?

Meghalayan Caves which are considered as Speleologists Heaven can be accessed from Cherrapunjee.

Cherrapunjee Town is located at around 85 kilometers from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Guwahati in the state of Assam is the nearest airport at 128 kilometers from Shillong.

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