Saputara Hill Station

Saputara Hill Station is a beautiful hill station in the Dang district at an altitude of around 1000 meters in the Gujarat state in India, very close to the Maharashtra state border.

View of the Saputara Lake from the rope-way in Saputara Hill Station.

This Hill Station is the only hill station in the Gujarat state. It is part of the Sahyadri mountain ranges. The word ‘Saputara’ means ‘Abode of Serpents’ and the local tribal people worship the image of a snake on the banks of the river Sarpagane.

There is a museum, boat club and rope-way for the tourists. Sunrise Point gives a panoramic view of the Saputara and Malegoan towns(tough the name ‘sunrise point’ seems to be a misnomer). Sunrise point can be visited during any time of the day or evening. There is also a ‘Sunset point‘ at ‘Gandhi Shikhar peak‘, which is also a tourist spot, which can be accessed only by the crossing the valley by the rope-way, organized by Hotel Vaity. Rose Garden (Garden with Rose flowers), Step Garden (steps are decorated with flowers and plants) and Lake Garden (on the Saputara Lake side) are some of the other tourist attractions in the Hill Station.

At 52 kilometers from the Hill Station is the famous “Gira Falls‘, which is beautiful fall during the months of June to November.

Hatgad Fort, a historical monumental fort, is a nearby tourist attraction at 5 kilo meters away. This fort is linked to the The great Maratha king, Shivaji. Vansda National park is another ear by tourist destination, which has a large population of Leopards, Tigers, Pangolin, Giant Squirrels, four-horned antelope, etc. Situated 60 kilometers north of Dangs at Mahal, you find the Purna Sanctuary.

“Pandav Gufas” and “Sitavan” are some of the places at Saputara, which are closely linked to the great Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharat. Swaminarayan Temple, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple and a Jain temple are some of the famous temples in this hill station.

How Do I Go to Saputara Hill Station?

This Hill Station is easily accessible by road. Surat city is just 170 kilometers distance from the hill station Saputara Gujarat. India’s commercial capital city of Mumbai (or Bombay as it was known earlier) is 250 only kilometers away. Surat and Mumbai have the nearest airports to this Hill-Station. Maharastra state border is at just 4 kilometers from the hill station.

Bilimora railway station on the Western railway network of Indian railways, is one of the the nearest and convenient mainline railway stations for the travelers to the hill station town of Saputara. From Bilimora, you can either take a bus or a cab to Saputara; Or go to the an intermediate town Vaghai, by the small narrow gauge train services, which is at 62 kilometers distance from Bilimora, on the way to Saputara. From Vaghai, you can then go to Saputara Hill Station by cab / bus, which is at around 53 kilometers away.

Nashik railway station also is conveniently located at 80 kilometers distance from the Saputara Hills.

Ahmedabad is at 400 kilometers and Vadodara is at 300 kilometers distance from Saputara. Famous Dwarka temple is also in the same state, Gujarat.

What About Accommodation at Saputara Hill Station?

There are many hotels catering to tourists at Saputara Gujarat. Patang Lords Eco Inn is a good hotel in Saputara hill station and is very close to the Saputara lake. Hotel Sejal Inn is oen among leading hotels in Saputara hill station, very close to the Bus Depot. Thsi hotel at around 0.5 kilometers from the sunrise point. SidArchie Palace Hotel and Hotel Kansar Palace are two hotels at the hill station, situated near to the Rose Garden. Hotel Gokul, Savshanti Lake Resort, Shilpi Hill Resort, Aakar Lords Inn, Hotel Sidarchie Palace, Hotel Lake View, Hotel White feather Toran Resort, etc, are some of the other best hotels at Saputara.

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