Sanghol Museum, Harappan Site

Sanghol was the major center of Art, Culture, Civilization in India. Sanghol is situated in Fatehgarh Sahib District of Punjab state, on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh Road.

Sanghol has a Museum maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. This Museum has a rich collection of archaeological treasures dating back to the Harappan period (C.2000- B.C. 1200), excavated from nearby sites in Punjab.

1st/2nd century Buddhist Stupa remains site in Sanghol. Photo Source : Buddhist Stupa remains site.

Very rare coins and seals belonging to the 5th and 6th century Central Asian Hephthalite emperors, Toramana and his son Mihirakula, were excavated from here and is displayed in the Museum at Sanghol.

Little bit of History on the Hephthalite alias Hunas or Huns empire

Hephthalite Empire (known as Hunas or Huns in India) consisted of parts of present day countries of Afghanistan, China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Hephthalite (Hunas) emperor Toramana have overthrown the Gupta emperors of India in the late 5th century and captured parts of central and northern India. Later they were defeated in early 6th century by Indian Kings Yasodharman (Maharaja of Malwa) and the Gupta emperor Narasimhagupta Baladitya. These two Kings were credited with driving the Hephthalite (Hunas) out of India.

Victory pillar of Yashodharman at Sondani. Photo Source : Creative commons. ]

There is a Victory pillar of Yashodharman at Sondani, in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh state, India. Narasimhagupta Baladitya defeated the Huns headed by Mihirkula, on the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta. Narasimhagupta Baladitya was the son of the Gupta king, Purugupta (reigned 467–473), who lost his kingdom to Hunas.

How Do I Go to Sanghol?

Sanghol village is at a distance of 40 kilometers from Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana states. Sanghol is easily accessible by road.

Chandigarh Airport with IATA code IXC is the nearest airport to the Sanghol Museum, a Museum containing the remains of Harappan culture and related archaeology news. Chandigarh railway station’s code is CDG.