Ramabhar Stupa Where Gautama Buddha Attained Parinirvana

Ramabhar Stupa is a Buddhist pilgrimage site situated at Kushinagar district in Utterpradesh state. It its at this spot, that Lord Buddha attained Parinirvana. It is considered as an international pilgrimage destination by Buddhists. Buddhists from Asian countries would love to visit this stupa, at least once in their lifetime.

Ramabhar Stupa Where Gautama Buddha Attained Parinirvana

Kushinagar is also known as Kushinagara . This stupa is believed to be built over a portion of the Lord Buddha’s ashes, by the Malla people, at the exact spot where God Buddha was cremated.

To mark Buddha’s parinirvana, Great Emperor Ashoka built a stupa and pilgrimage site at Kushinagara.

The Hindu rulers who reigned from fourth to seventh century (belonging to Gupta Dynasty), helped in enlarging this site; they build a temple with with the statue of reclining Buddha. This statue inside the Parinirvana Stupa, located behind the main Parinirvana Temple, is 6.10 meters long.

Then, the site was abandoned around 1200 CE, when Buddhist monks fled to site, escape from the invading Muslim army.

Alexander Cunningham, a British archaeologist, rediscovered Kushinagaram site in the late 19th century  A. C. L. Carlleyle, Cunningham’s colleague, unearthed the one and a half millennium year old Buddha statue in 1876.

Ramabhar Stupa or Ramabhar Stupa alias Mukutbandhan-Chaitya is the cremation place of Lord Buddha. This cremation site is 1.5 kilometers east of the main Nirvana Temple. It is situated  on the Kushinagar – Deoria road.

How Do I Go to Ramabhar Stupa ?

Kushinagar is well connected by roads to the rest of the country. It is at a distance of 53 kilometers east of Gorakhpur, on NH-28. Gorakhpur is the nearest major railway station to the stupa at Kushinagar.

The nearest airport to this stupa is at Kasia, at around 5 kilometers from Kushinagar.

Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, is at around 300 plus kilometers from Kushinagar  stupa site.


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