Punjab’s Cuisine, Culture & History

Punjab is a north Indian state sharing its borders with Pakistan. Its culture and hospitality are unique and Punjabi’s carry this wherever they go. You get one of the best Indian food in this state. Punjab’s Cuisine, Culture, and History need to be experienced, at least once, in your lifetime.

A photo of Harminder Sahib (The Golden Temple) and the surrounding Sarovar (Sacred Pool).

A Punjabi sees a Guest as a representative of God! Each village has a separate place to receive guests and provide them with Punjabi food.

Punjabi Dhabas are famous eateries serving hot delicious Punjabi food dishes. A Dhaba normally serves traditional food. Punjab is known for its mouth-watering local foods. Dhabas can be seen in India and Pakistan, which are owned by Punjabis. Dhabas are typically open 24/7.

Punjab is the land of warriors, the land of the battlefield and the land of Gurus; a land that is mystique! A land with a long history of Culture.

Punjab literally means ‘land of five rivers’. Its fertile lands feed millions across India. One of the most hard-working, industrious and agricultural workforces is seen here.

The ancient Indus Valley Civilization dating back to 5000 years back, tells the history of the state. Punjab is the home of the Sikh religion. The Punjabi shrines, temples, etc, tells the magnificence of Sikh architecture. Amritsar Golden temple is the epitome of Sikh architecture.

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Memorial in Punjab

Jallianwala Bagh memorial at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre site.

Jallianwala Bagh, a public garden at Amritsar established after Indian independence, to commemorate the ‘Jallianwala Bagh Massacre’ of 1919, is of prime national importance.

Waugh Border Ceremony or Beating Retreat Border Ceremony at Punjab Border

The evening flag-lowering ceremony at the India-Pakistan International Border near Wagah.

The Wagah border with Pakistan, the only road border crossing between India and Pakistan, is in Punjab. This border village serves as a link between India and Pakistan.

There is a ceremonial function at the border gate before sunset each day called ‘Waugh border ceremony‘. It is a daily event conducted by the security forces of  India and Pakistan. The border gates are opened and one soldier from each country stands at ‘attention’ on each side of the gate. Then a perfectly coordinated lowering of the two nation’s flags is conducted. The flags are folded and each soldier shakes hands with the other. Then the border gates are closed. It is called ‘beating retreat border ceremony‘ in international parlance. It is a practice followed since 1959.

How Do I Go to Punjab?

Punjab is situated very close to the capital city of India, New Delhi. It is well connected by road, train, and flights.

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