The Greater Indian One-horned Rhinos at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora wildlife sanctuary  is a wildlife reserve which is home to The Greater Indian one-horned rhinos (Rhinoceros unicornis),  a vulnerable species on the The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, in Morigaon district, Assam, India.

The greater one-horned rhinoceros or The Indian rhinoceros at Pobitora wildlife sanctuary

Pobitora wildlife sanctuary is spread over 38.6 square kilometers in the  flood plains of River Brahmaputra. The greater one-horned rhinoceros  or The Indian rhinoceros habitat inside this wildlife sanctuary is limited to just 16 square kilometers area.

The horn is seen in both males and females. Cubs does not have the horn; it is seen when they grow up to around 6 years. The single horn normally has a length of around 25 centimeters. The largest recorded weight of The Indian rhinoceros is 4,000 kilograms.

It is the second largest land mammal native to Asia, after Asian elephants. Total number of Indian Rhinos is estimated to be 3,555 as per 2015 count.

Pobitora sanctuary has the highest density of rhinos in the world whereas Kaziranga National Park is home to around 70% of the The Indian rhinoceros (highest concentration of rhinos). Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is another sanctuary in the same state, where you can find  the greater one-horned rhinoceros or The Indian rhinoceros.

This wild life sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. This wildlife sanctuary is also home to 375 species of birds, both migratory and resident birds.  14 of them are listed in the Indian red book (vulnerable species). It is also home to many a wild animals like Leopard, Leopard cat, Jungle cat, Fishing cat, Wild pigs, Feral Buffalo, Chinese pangolins, etc.  27 reptile species and 9 amphibians species are also found in this wildlife sanctuary.

Activities at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Elephant ride, River cruise on Country boat and Jeep safari are available in this wildlife sanctuary. Pobitora wildlife sanctuary elephant ride booking charges are INR Rs 800 per person. River cruise for 1.5 hours costs INR 3500 per person.  Jeep safari costs Rs 2000 per Jeep, which can accommodate 6 persons.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Accommodation

Different type of Pobitora wildlife sanctuary accommodation are available.  Luxury accommodation ranges from mud huts costing INR 4720 per night, to suits costing INR 15,360 per night. Luxury Dormitory charges are INR 1000 per bed. Deluxe Cottage costs INR 3500 per night. Standard accommodation costs INR 1575 per night. Standard cottage costs INR 2200, for 5 people.

Food is also available here, on extra payment.

How Do I Go to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?

Pobitora wildlife sanctuary is at a distance of around 48 kilometers from Guwahati by road. It takes around one hour’s drive to cover this distance. Guwahati is well connected by road to other parts of India. There is a major railway station at Guwahati. There is also an international airport at Guwahati.

Pobitora wildlife sanctuary contact phone number is 098540 40004.

Pobitora wildlife sanctuary opens at 10 am and closes by 5 pm.

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  1. Rhinos. I always associate them with Africa and not India. Thanks for the education.

  2. Denny George says:

    I had been to Kaziranga earlier this year. Seems like I’ll have to go back to Assam to visit Poibotra now! Your post is quite informative, and very useful for any would be travellers.

  3. Never seen this kind of rhino. 🙂 Got to know something new today 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Man, really cool post. What a beautiful animal. I plan to travel to India soon. Seeing this rhino is a must

  5. Rye Santiago says:

    INR 1575 per night for standard accommodation? Not bad compared to NR 1000 for a dorm bed. I´d love to observe wildlife without disrupting the ecosystem.

  6. I have still to visit wildlife sanctuaries in this part of India and rhinos will figure as the highlight of the trip, I am sure. Poibotra sounds like a great place.

  7. blair villanueva says:

    It is truly huge! Im thinking if a human can ride on his back and how many people can it carry? We should protect them from extinction.

  8. Wow! I’m yet to see a Rhino in wild. Actually I’m yet to explore the eastern parts of India.
    Thanks for all the details with the prices!

  9. Suruchi says:

    I just came back from Sariska Tiger reserve and your post is giving me another travel goals. Assam is already on our list and I have never seen a Rhino. Great informative post. Loved it.

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