Visit Bengali Tigers & Go for Trekking at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam tiger reserve is a tiger reserve in Nelliampathy – Anamalai region on the Western Ghats in Palakkad district, Kerala state, India.

View of Parambikulam Reservoir from the tree-top house inside the Parambikulam tiger reserve.

Parambikulam tiger reserve was earlier known as Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. Its a Tiger reserve under ‘Project Tiger‘, a project to save Bengali Tiger, the national animal of India. Apart from Tigers, the beats of this jungle includes Wild Boar, Sambar, Gaur, Panthers, etc,. There are a large number of Elephants in this reserved forests.

Parambikulam tiger reserve is spread over an area of 643.66 Square kilometers. This Wild life sanctuary is rich in peninsular flora and fauna, which are well conserved, due to minimal human interference.

Parambikulam tiger reserve is situated close to Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. Parambikulam is one among the very few sanctuaries that allows trekking within the park. You need to take prior permission from the forest department office at Anappadi.

Parambikulam Dam, the number one embankment dam India in terms of its volume and one among the top 10 such dams in the world, is situated within the Tiger reserve. Thunakadavu Dam and Peruvaripallam Dam are two other dams within this Tiger reserve.

Entry Procedure to Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Anamalalai Tiger reserve Entry

There are multiple entry fees to be paid.  First entry fee is to be paid at the Anamalalai Tiger reserve entry gate at Anappadi, maintained by Tamilnadu Forest department. Anamalalai Tiger reserve was previously known as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. It is spread over Coimbatore and Tiruppur Districts of Tamilnadu state.

Entry is allowed between 7 am and 4 pm. It is advisable to go at 7 am itself, so that you can view wild animals at close range. Entry fee is Rs 30 per person for adults and Rs 15 per child (below 12 years). Camera charges are Rs 50 per camera. Mobile phones with camera can be taken without any charges. Vehicle entry fee is also to be paid.

From this entry gate, you need to travel around 8 kilometers  to reach the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve entry gate. You are not allowed to get outside of your vehicle during this journey through the forest.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Entry and Kerala Forest Department Tour

Second entry fee is to be paid at the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve entry gate at Thunakadavu, maintained by Kerala Forest department. Fees is the same as that is mentioned in the last paragraph.  From the second entry gate, you need to travel around 2 kilometers to reach the parking lot.

Both Kerala and Tamilnadu state forest departments have offices near the entry gate.

At the parking lot, there are mini buses to take tourists inside the Parambikulam tiger reserve, as a conducted group tour.  Charges are Rs 200 per person. These buses will take you to different view points and dams inside the tiger reserve. You can also go for Bambo rafting, as part of this conducted tour. Tribal people are involved in the tour program as oarsmen for the bamboo boats and trekking guides.

Tamilnadu Forest Department Tour or Trekking Inside Anamalalai Tiger Reserve

Tamilnadu state Forest department also conducts tours inside Anamalalai Tiger reserve, under Tamilnadu state. You may opt for that package tour, instead of the Kerala forest department conducted tour of Parambikulam Tiger reserve, mentioned above. Fee is to be paid at the Tamilnadu forest department office, near the second entry gate.

Guest Houses and Tree Top Houses

There are many tents available near the parking area inside Parambikulam tiger reserve, costing 3000 to 6000 rupees or so. Two people can stay at each tent.  It needs to be booked in advance during weekends and holidays. If tents are available, anybody can book it then and there. Check-in time is 12 noon. Check-out time is 10:30 am, next day.

There is a forest guest house inside one of the islands. It costs Rs 9000 or so. Five people can stay for this amount. You will be taken to the islands in a bamboo boat.

The tree houses inside the tiger reserve allows great view of the wildlife from vantage points. There are watch towers at Anappadi and Zungam, inside the Tiger reserve.

There is also air-conditioned rooms available inside the tiger reserve.

To book any of the above mentioned accommodation, you can do by clicking Tourism -> Jungle Camps option in the online website of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.  Contact numbers are +91-9442201691 and +91-9442201690. Contact Email address is [email protected]

How Do I Go to Parambikulam Tiger Reserve?

Parambikulam tiger reserve is at around 95 kilometers distance from Coimbatore.

Pollachi is the nearest town to the tiger reserve.

Those coming from southern Kerala can go to Pollachi via  Vazhachal.  Entry permit is to be taken from Vazhachal forest range office.

Those coming from north Kerala and go to Coimbatore and then to Pollachi. Alternatively, they can go directly to Pollachi, avoiding Comimbatore town.

The entry point to Sanctuary is situated at Anappadi. The headquarters of the Sanctuary is situated at Thunakadavu, around 8 kilometers distance from Anappadi. Contact numbers are 09442201690, 09442201691 and the  Email id  is [email protected]

The nearest railway station is at Pollachi, though it is a small station and is not on the main line. The nearest major railway stations on the main line are  at Palakkad and Coimbatore. Coimbatore is a major railway station which is well connected to the rest of India.

The nearest airport is the Coimbatore International airport at Peelamedu, at around 13 kilometers from the city center.