Palani Murugan Temple Near Coimbatore

Palani Murugan temple or Palani Arulmigu Shri Dhandayuthapani temple as it is called officially, is a world famous Lord Murugan temple on top of Palani Hills. near Coimbatore, in Tamilnadu state, India.

View of Palani Murugan Temple from downhill.

Palani Murugan Temple’s deity is Lord Murugan. Palani Murugan temple is considered as one of the Six Abodes of God Murugan. The Murugan idol at Palani temple was created and consecrated by Sage Bogar. Sage Bogar was one among the 18 great Hindu siddhas He created the idol out of an amalgam of nine poisons or navapashanam. A shrine to sage Bogar is there in the south-western corridor of the temple.

The Murugan Temple at Palani was neglected for centuries, after forest covered the deity and temple was not visible. Chera Dynasty King, Perumal, on a hunting trip was forced to stay at the foot of the hill for a night. Lord Subrahmanyan appeared to the King in his dream. The King was ordered to restore the idol to its former state and has constructed the current temple. This piece of history is recorded at the stela, at the foot of Palani hills.

Palani Murugen temple or Pazhani temple is famous for tonsuring, to imitate the Lord of Palani and to get his blessings. Head is tonsured by devotees before they worship the temple’s deity, Lord Murugan. Sandalwood paste offered to the god Murugan is offered to devotees in the morning, after it is applied to the god in the previous night. Its called “rakkāla chandaṇam” (rasksha means salvation and Chandnam means Sandalwood) and is a sought after by devotees.

Thai-Poosam is the main Palani temple festival, celebrated on the full moon day of the Month of Thai. Thai month is from the middle January to Middle of February and is a local Tamil calendar month, specific to the state of Tamilnadu.

How Do I Go to Palani Temple?

Palani Temple is in Palani city, which is around 100 kilometers from Coimbatore. Madurai city where the famous Meenakshi Amman Temple is situated, is at around 110 kilometers distance from Palani.

Palani railway station with station code ‘PLNI’ on the Pollachi – Dindigul section of Souther railways, is the nearest railway station to Palani Murugan Koil (koil means temple in the local language, Tamil).

What are the Timings of Palani Temple?

Palani temple timings are from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M.

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