Legend Behind the Name Change of Ancient Fort City Nurpur

Nurpur is  a small town in Himachal Pradesh, known for the ancient fort ruins. Nurpur Fort ruins can be seen in this  town. This town was the capital of kingdom of Nurpur, originally known as Dhameri.

Nurpur Fort

This kingdom was founded during the end of the eleventh century, by Raja Jhet Pal.  He was the younger brother of the then ruler of Delhi. The Kings of Nurpur kingdom bore the title Raja.

During the reign of Raja Basu Dev, this kingdom reached its peak. It was between 1580 and 1613. Raja Basu Dev built the fort here.  The kingdom became a feudatory  state under  the Mughals. Later on, they were defeated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1815, who  established the Sikh Empire.

In 1849, this tiny kingdom with an area of just 180 square kilometers was annexed by the British East India Company. Raja Jaswant Singh Pathania was the last monarch of the kingdom.

16th century Brij Raj Swami temple is situated inside the fort. This temple is unique that idols of Lord Krishna and Meera Bai are work-shipped here.

The British has destroyed the fort partly and an earthquake also destroyed this fort in 1905.

Legend Behind Name Change from Dhameri

The name change of this town from Dhameri to Nurpur has a story behind it. It is believed that Nur Jahan, wife of the Mughal emperor Jahangir, was so impressed by the beauty of this small town that she decided to stay there for the rest of her life.

To avoid the town becoming the central point for Mughal domination, the then rulers decided to tell her a lie to avoid her from staying there. They told the queen that staying in the town for a long periods of time may spoil her  beauty due to  a fictitious local disease.  The terrified queen, immediately left the town.

Name of the town was then changed to Nurpur, to honor Nur Jahan. (Nur Jahan was the most powerful and influential woman at the Mughal court. She was the only Mughal empress to have coinage in her name. )

How Do I Go to Nurpur Fort?

Nurpur Fort is in Nurpur town, which is connected by road network to all parts of the state. Pathankot-Kullu – Manali highway passes through this small town. Pathankot is at around 26 kilometers distance. Palampur  is at around 87 kilometers and Dharamsala is at around 60 kilometers from Nurpur

Nearest Airport is situated at Dharamshala.  Jammu Airport is at around 129 kilometers distance, while Amritsar Airport  is at around 134 kilometers away.

Nearest Railway station is at Pathankot, which is a major station in Punjab.

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