Maitreya Statue at Nubra Valley known for Wild Bactrian Camels and Himalayan Trekking

Nubra Valley is a tree-armed valley at an average altitude of 3048 meters or 10,000 feet, located along the Himalayan mountain ranges, in Ladakh district, India.

33 meter tall Maitreya statue, a symbol of peace, facing Pakistan, in Nubra Valley.

Nubra Valley is situated to the north-east of Ladakh valley. Buddhists constitute majority of the population. Lower altitude and western end of the Valley has Muslim populated areas.

Shyok River, a tributary of the Indus River, meets the Nubra river (which originates in the Siachen glacier), in Nubra valley and then the widened river flows from here. Siachen Glacier is situated to the north of this valley.

Diskit town in the valley is the main town here. Diskit Monastery, established in 1420 A.D, is situated here. The 33 meter tall Maitreya Buddha statue, facing Pakistan as a symbol of peace, is maintained by the Diskit Monastery inside the Monastery premises. As per Buddhist belief, Maitreya Buddha is the future Buddha of this world.

A Baktrian Camel.

Wild Bactrian Camels can be seen here. They have two humps on their back. (There are wild Bactrian camels and domesticated Bactrian camels). Known for its tolerance for cold conditions as well as drought conditions and high altitudes, people here use thse domesticated Bactrian camel for riding.

Due to the rivers that flows through the valley, the villages along the valley are fertile. Many a fruits, nuts and pulses are grown in the valley.

How Do I Go to Nubra Valley?

Nubra Valley can be accessed from Leh town, through the Khardung La pass, which was once regarded as the highest motor-able road in the world and is open all through the year. Diskit town is the main town in the valley which is connected to Leh.

In 2008, an alternative route was built from Sakti, connecting the main Nubra road, via Agham and Khalsar, along River Shyok. For the trekking enthusiasts, there are many passes over the Ladakh Range of mountains, from the Indus Valley.

Leh is connected to Srinagar by buses. There is an airport and a railway station at Srinagar.

Inner Line Permits to Nubra Valley

Foreigners are required to get the Inner Line Permits to visit Nubra Valley. Indian citizens are not required to get this permits from 1st May 2014.