North Eastern Hilly Capital Kohima

North Eastern Hilly Capital Kohima is in Nagaland state of India, bordering Burma on one side and Assam and Manipur states of India, on other sides. Kohima is at an altitude of more than 4000 feet above sea level.

A flowering plant called Kewhi is found in abundance in Nagaland. The name Nagaland is linked to this Kewhi plant. The people of Nagalnd are extremely friendly and warm people.

This the entrance to Kohima Town. Source : Wikimedia commons

Visiting Kohima is knowing more about India and the world war II. Kohima was the first seat of administration for the British in the North eastern States of India. The British fought decades trying to capture the areas from defending tribes of Nagaland. The Kohima city was a well planned idea by the British as a watch post for the eastern region.

Kohima is famous for the “Battle of Kohima” also known as “Stalingrad of the East”, which was the battle between the British and the Japanese in 1944 during World War II . “Battle of Imphal”, another major battle in the same period in the nearby north eastern state of Manipur also was fought for the same purpose of defending the British and its allies from advancing Japanese army. The Japanese were decimated and it is said to be one of the worst defeat for the Japanese.

There is a War memorial cemetery for the dead at Kohima maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Kohima Zoo is a tourist location. There is a Sanctuary in Kohima. Japfu peak at more than 3000 feet above sea level on the Himalayas is another tourist attraction.

The giant Rhododendron Tree, the Guinness Record Holding Tree, which is 130 feet in height and 11 feet in girth, is there near to Japfu peak.

What about the climate of North Eastern Hilly Capital Kohima?

Climate of Nagaland is that of humid subtropical climate. July and august are the Monsoon season with heavy rains. In December and January, occasional snowfall may occur. Summer is pleasant, and same is the case with winter months.

What is the Ideal time to visit North Eastern Hilly Capital Kohima?

North Eastern Hilly Capital Kohima is a good place to visit, except during Monsoon season.

How Do I Go to Kohima?

Dimapur is the nearest major city at around 70 kilometers from Kohima. There are buses to Kohima from Dimapur. It takes around 3.5 hours by bus. Dimapur is a major city with railway station.

Do I need Permit to Visit the North Eastern Hilly Capital Kohima?

Those wishing to visit Nagalnd state must get an Inner Line Permit (ILP) except for Dimapur city.  It may take a few hours to get the permit. You need to give your Identity proof and 2 passport size photos along with a small fee (INR 50 or so).  ILP has a validity of one month.

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