300 year old Narsinghgarh Fort and Palace

Narsinghgarh fort and palace was the official residence of the rulers of the erstwhile Narsinghgarh princely state. It is situated at Narsinghgarh town in Rajgarh district, Madhya Pradesh.

Narsinghgarh fort In Madhya Pradesh state

Narsinghgarh  was established as a separate state in 1681, by Dewan Parasram.  Rawat Paras Ramji  was the first king who reigned from 1681–1695, who was the younger brother of Rawat Mohan Singhji, the then Ruler of Rajgarh state from which the new state was carved out.  Maharaja Vikram Singhji was the last ruler who reigned form 1924 till the state joined India, in the middle of the last century. The last ruler and his family lived in this palace till 1857; when they moved to another palace in the city.

This ancient fort was constructed more than 300 years ago. The architecture is a combination of Rajpur, Malwa and Mughal style of architectures. The fort is spread over an area of little over 45 acres. It is the third largest fort in Madhya Pradesh state, after Mandu Fort and Gwalior Fort. The built-up area of the palace is around 1.77 lacks square foot. It has got 304 rooms and 4 halls.

The fort is situated on the Malwa Plateau. The average altitude of the fort complex is 483 meters or 1584 feet.

how Do I Go to Narsinghgarh Fort and Palace?

The fort and palace is situated in between Kota city and  Bhopal city, off  Jaipur -Jabalpur National Highway. the fort is situated on the hood of  hill resembling a snake, at around 350 feet above Narsinghgarh  town.

This fort is located at around 80 kilometers distance from the Bhopal.

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