Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary & Tiger Reserve in Central India

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary and Nagzira Tiger Reserve is spread across Bhandara and Gondia districts on the Eastern side of Maharashtra state in India. It is one of the top-rated Tiger reserves in India.

A tiger at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary alias Nagzira Tiger Reserve

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed with the beauty of nature. Its picturesque landscape attracts thousands of tourists and nature lovers to this sanctuary. It is also rich in flora and fauna.  This wildlife sanctuary is habitat to around 166 species of birds, 34 species of mammals, 36 species of reptiles and four species of amphibians. Many species of fish are also found in this wildlife sanctuary.  Indian tiger, Indian gaur, chital, panther, sambar,  barking deer, mouse Deer, wild boar, sloth bear, wild dogs, etc, are to name a few of the beasts of the jungle found in this wildlife sanctuary cum Tiger reserve.

It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1970. Nagzira Tiger Reserve has recently became part of Navegaon – Nagzira Tiger Reserve. Navegaon is a nearby wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve.

Its boundary spans a length of 104.53 kilometers, out of which 29.60 kilometers is natural boundary like rivers and the remaining is man-made boundary.

There are five watch cabins and five watch towers inside this sanctuary. They offer safe view points to watch the beasts of the jungle.

State forest department provides accommodation on the banks of a lake, located in the middle of the wildlife sanctuary. There is no electric supply to this. Solar-powered lights are there.

How Do I Go to Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary and Nagzira Tiger Reserve?

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary cum Tiger Reserve is under Nagpur  Forest Division of the Forest department. Forest range office is at Nagzira.

The entry gate to the wildlife sanctuary is situated at around 22 kilometers distance from Sakoli in Bhandara district. Sakoli is on the Mumbai – Kolkata National Highway number 53. Tirora is another nearby town in Gondia District. Both Sakoli and Tirora has bus connectivity to the wildlife sanctuary.

Bhandara district and Gondia district headquarters are located equidistant, at around 60 kilometers distance from the Tiger reserve.

Soundad railway station with station code SNV and Tirora railway station with station code TRO are the nearby railway stations, at around 20 kilometers distance from the Tiger reserve cum wild life sanctuary.

Gondia railway station with station code G (yes; it’s a single letter station code, which is very rare) and  Bhandara Road railway station with station code BRD, are the two nearest MAJOR railway stations to this wildlife sanctuary, at around 45 kilometers and 75 kilometers distance, respectively.

Nagpur airport is the nearest public airport, at around 120 kilometers distance from the Nagzira Tiger Reserve. There is a small airport for private aircraft at Gondia.

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