Medak CSI Cathedral -The Largest Church in the Second Largest Diocese in the World After Vatican

Medak Church is the church of Medak Diocese of Church of South India (CSI), which is the Largest Diocese in Asia and Second Largest Diocese in the World, after the Vatican. This Medak Diocesan Church was consecrated on the Christmas Day in 1924.

Medak Church

Medak Church is the largest Church in the state of Telungana and is among the top 10 churches in India. Medak Cathedral is in the Gothic Revival style. The Cathedral Church at Medak is 200 feet (61 meters) in length and 100 feet (30 meters) in width. Six different colored mosaic tiles imported from Britain was used for the Church floors. Italian masons were assigned with the work of laying these decorative tiles for one of the famous churches in India.

This famous church in India, for which the construction began in 1914 and took 10 years to complete, originally belonged to Wesleyan Methodist Church of Great Britain. In 1947, when India got its Independence, this Church on 1000 acres of land became the property of CSI Medak Diocese. 5000 people can attend the church services at the same time!

Stained glass windows of the Church is the biggest attraction for the tourists. Different scenes of Christ’s life are depicted on these Stained glass windows. Bell tower of the Church has a height of 175 feet (53 meters) and is visible from miles away.

How Do I Go to Medak Church or Medak Cathedral Church?

Medak Cathedral Church is situated at the heart of the Medak Town. Medak town is the district headquarters for the district with the same name. Akanapet and Shankapur railway stations are the nearest railway stations at around 20 kilometers distance. Mirzapali Railway Station is at 25 kilometers distance to Medak city. Hyderabad airport is the nearest airport to Medak at 135 kilometers away.

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