Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary – The Green Lung of Kochi

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary  is situated at the heart of Kochi, Kerala. It is spread over an area of  about 2.74 hectares. This sanctuary is around a shallow tidal lake,  behind the Kerala High Court building, connected with Kochi backwaters by a canal.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Vegetation of Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary mainly consists of mangroves and associated species. It is the nesting area for many a migratory bird species. Recent sprang up of high-rise buildings around the bird sanctuary is a major cause of worry, as these  buildings obstructs the pathway of the birds. It also hinders the birds in bringing their nesting and food materials.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary has a total of around 72 bird species, along with six species of mammals. Two species of amphibians and seven species of fishes are also seen in this sanctuary. 17  butterfly species were  seen here.  Mangala vanam is also habitat for 51 species of spiders.

This bird sanctuary is the ‘Green lung of Kochi’ and absorbs a portion of the air pollution of the city.

How Do I Go to Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary?

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is right in the heart of Cochin or Kochi city, behind the high court. Buses are available to high court. You may hire a cab to go to this bird Sanctuary.

Ernakulam North railway station alias Ernakulam town railway station is the nearest railway station to the bird sanctuary, at around 2  kilometers distance. Ernakulam Junction alias Ernakulam south railway station is another nearby major railway station at around 4 kilometers away.

The nearest airport to this bird sanctuary is Nedumbrassery International airport, at around 35 kilometers distance.



11 Responses

  1. Kerala is one of my dream destinations – vibrant culture and amazing nature makes this destination interesting. Would definitely love to do birdwatching and photography at Mangalavanam Sanctuary.

  2. Joanna says:

    I would like to visit Kochi at some point and if I do I will definitely add this bird sanctuary on my list of things to do. It sounds like a very exciting place for people who love birds and want to observe them in their natural habitat.

  3. The place looks lovely. Wish I could see some photos of birds, but bird photography is not easy.

  4. Stella Jane says:

    This bird sanctuary sounds wonderful. It seems so green in your photo. I think birds are amazing creatures and it’s so important to protect them.

  5. Sidhu Jetha says:

    That looks like a lovely place. If it is only 2.74 Hectare I would say its a very small area but if that is attracting migratory birds despite being at the heart of a busy city it must have a very diverse and pure natural setting.
    I would definitely try to give it a visit next time I go to Kerala

  6. Blair villanueva says:

    I never been to India, amd this place is very interesting. How i wish i could explore many places and santuary parks in India because they are seems genuine, and all natural.

  7. Denny George says:

    I’m from Kottayam, and have lived in and worked in Kochi for an year, about a decade back. I knew about this place, but never made an effort to visit. Perhaps next time when I visit Kerala.

  8. anshul says:

    I am planning to visit Alleppy during Snake Boat race. I guess I will add this place to my list now

  9. Jas says:

    I can only imagine what a paradise this would be for bird watchers and nature photographers. Thanks for the awesome directional tips too!

  10. Tamshuk says:

    Kerala is such a lovely state with so much greenery around. This place looks like a beautiful one too. Definitely worth a visit

  11. Yukti says:

    Kerala is know for greenery and this place is really lungs of Kerala. I love green and quiet places. I would love to visit Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary as it is full of nature. I want to listen the chirping of birds with green trees all around.

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