Saint Thomas Catholic Church Malayattoor founded by Saint Thomas

Inner view of Malayatoor Church in Kerala, India.

Saint Thomas Catholic Church Malayattoor in the Ernakulam District of Kerala, India is designated by the Vatican as an International shrine. It is believed to be founded by Saint Thomas, the disciple of Lord Jesus Christ when he landed in Kerala.

Saint Thomas Catholic Church Malayattoor is situated on the banks of River Periyar with unspoiled, rustic view of the nature.

At Malayattoor, Saint Thomas is believed to have left his foot prints on one of the rocks and once during the prayer, he is believed to have touched a rock, upon which blood poured.

Little background on the pilgrimage side of Malayattoor Kurisumudi. Saint Thomas landed at Kodungalloor, Kerala in AD 52. He was not received well by locals and his life was in danger. He was forced to flee to the top of the mountain, Kurisumudi, at Malayattoor.  St. Thomas prayed to the Lord and he made a sign of the cross on the rock. The Mother of Lord Jesus Christ, Blessed Mary, appeared and consoled and strengthened him. Later he descended from the hill and continued with his preachings in Kerala and Tamil Nadu states including Mylapore and St. Thomas Mount, Chennai.

Days later some hunters went to the mountains for hunting. While staying at the top after hunting in the night, they saw a glittering sign of cross on the rock. Curiosity made them to struck there and with the rude weapons they struck. They were surprised to find blood gushing out. They ran to the village down and told the incident to the  local people. Locals went to the mountain top and prayed. Many miracles were believed to have happened that time. This is the humble beginning of Pilgrimage to Kurishumudi.

The main festival in this Church is  celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter, during which  thousands and thousands of pilgrims visit  this church and seek holy blessings.

How Do I Go to Malayattoor Saint Thomas Catholic Church?

Malayattoor Saint Thomas Catholic Church is very well connected by roads to the nearest cities of Kottayam, Ernakulam (Kochi or Cochin), etc.

Cochin Airport is the nearest airport and ‘Angamaly’ is the nearest railway station (small station). Ernakulam is the nearest Major railway station.

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