Jog Falls alias Gersoppa Falls

Jog Falls is the Second Highest Plunge Waterfall in India at Sagara taluk in Karnataka state on the Sharavathi River. This fall has a height of 253 meters or 830 feet while plunging.

Jog Falls alias Gersoppa Falls in Shimoga district, Karnataka.

Jog Falls is also known by other names; “Joga Falls”, “Gerosoppa Falls”, “Gerusoppa Falls” and “Jogada Gundi”.

The fall is actually a combination of 4 falls. One on the left side, Raja Falls, falls the full height of 253 meters. The second fall, Roarer Falls, joins Raja Falls half-way down. The third fall, Rocket, is actually a series of Jet like falls. Rani, the fourth fall, is in the form of a sheet of foam.

Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya state is the highest plunging fall in India, with a height of 335 meters or 1110 feet.

You can view the Jog Falls from the viewpoint. You may also go to the bottom of the falls by walking down the 1400 to 1500 steps. The best time to visit the falls after the onset of Monsoon rains. During summer, the water flow is blocked due to the Dam above the falls and there won’t be much water.

Arashinagundi falls is a nearby fall inside Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary near Kodachadri, Kollur. Linganamakki Dam is a nearby dam, with a capacity of 120 Mega Watts Power Generating capacity, on the same river.

The falls have their full beauty when the Linganamakki dam is kept opened.

How Do I Go to Jog Falls?

Jog Falls is situated in the border areas of Shimoga and Uttara Kannada districts. Gersoppa Falls is at a distance of around 30 kilometers from Sagar alias Sagara town, the head-quarters of Sagara Taluk. Sagara town is well connected by roads to other parts of the country.

Honavar is another town at around 60 kilometers distance, from where there are regular state government buses to Sagar(a), via Gersoppa Falls. Ticket fare is rupees 65 or so, as per 2017 fares.

Buy the five rupee entry ticket near the bus stop and walk to the viewpoint in front of you! If you are healthy, you may go down the steps to the bottom of the falls. There are a total of 1500 steps or so.

Sagar Jambagar or Sagar Jambagaru railway station with station code “SRF” is the nearest station at around 30 kilometers distance from Jog Falls, at Sagara town.  Talagupta railway station with station code “TLGP” is another nearby railway station at around  40 kilometers distance from the falls.

Hubli Airport is at around 130 kilometers distance from Sagara town and is the nearest airport to jog waterfalls or Joga Falls. Bangalore International airport is the nearest International airport at 340 kilometers distance. Mangalore and Pune airports are at around 135 kilometers and 500 kilometers from Gersoppa Falls.

A word of caution: Once you reach the falls, agents, auto drivers, brokers, etc, will flock you. Just avoid them if you do not want to waste money.

Which Jog Falls Hotels are Good?

Hotel Mayura Gerusoppa Jog falls, a hotel from the Government of Karnataka. is one of the good jog falls hotels.

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