Jewel of the South – Yercaud Hill Station near Salem

A quiet road in Yercaud (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Yercaud, The Jewel of the South is a beautiful hill station situated near to Salem town in Tamilnadu state, India. The hill station is around half an hour’s drive up the hills from ‘Five Roads Junction’ in Salem town. Yercaud has got moderate temperatures ranging from 13 degrees Centigrade to 29 Degree Centigrade. The hill station is part of the Eastern Ghats and is located on the ‘Shevaroys range’ of hills. It is at a height of around 1623 meters or 4970 feet above sea level.

Late-night view of Salem city from Yercaud. (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

What are the Yercaud places to visit?

There are many places to visit in this small hill station. Emerald Lake or Yercaud Lake, on the hilltop, offers boating facilities from Tamilnadu tourism development corporation. There is a telescopic house nearby. Servarayan temple, the highest point, attracts lot of visitors. Annamalaiyar Temple is another tourist spot  frequented by tourists. National Orchidarium and a Botanical garden are two other tourist destinations at this hill station.

Anna Park, a beautiful garden, is there near to the lake. Ladies Seat and Pagoda point are two vantage points overlooking the valley.  Pagoda Point or Pyramid point offers a magnificent view of Salem city. offers a magnificent view of Salem city.

Yercaud Lake (Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Other than Tourism, agriculture is another important source of income for the people. Coffee Plantations exist in plenty. Oranges, Jack fruit, guava and many spices like black pepper and cardamom are cultivated here.

These hills are rich in fauna and flora, which resembles the Western Ghats.

It is much cheaper than other nearby hill stations like Kodaikanal or Ooty and is less polluted.

Where Can I Stay in the Jewel of the South, Yercaud?

Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation, T.T.D.C, has its own hotel catering to the tourists. There are many Yercaud hotels and Yercaud resorts. Sterling Resorts has a property on the way to up-hills at a vantage point. You may also go downhill and stay in Salem town, as the Salem is very nearby to the Yercaud hill station. The Regent Hillside Resort is an excellent Yercaud resort with 3 luxury rooms and a villa on the Hospital Road.

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