Jawai Dam and Jawai Forests – Habitat for Crocodiles & Leopards

Jawai Dam and Forests are in Pali district in Rajasthan. These areas are famous for Crocodiles, Leopards and Migratory Birds.

Jawai dam

The dam across Jawai River is a Crocodile reserve for Indian Mugger Crocodiles. This reptile park has an estimated 288 crocodiles as per wildlife census of 2011.

The Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve is a leopard habitat. (Bandh means dam, in Hindi Language.) The big cats roam freely in the Jawai leopard camp forests here. If you are lucky, you can see the Near Threatened or endangered leopards in these forests during day time. Many tourists have reportedly seen the Clouded leopards near the Devgiri Cave Temple. You can go for a Jungle Safari (Jeep Safari), to spot these wild cats.

The forests around the dam are home to many migratory birds during winter season.

The forests here have been accorded Conservation reserve status in 2011. See the full list of Conservation reserves in India.

The Dam is the biggest dam in Western Rajasthan. It was constructed by Jodhpur King, Umaid Singh. The Dam construction works were started in 1946 and was completed by 1957.

Devgiri Cave Temple is a beautiful temple inside a cave, on half-way to the hill top.

How Do I Go to Jawai?

Sumerpur town on the eastern side of the Thar Desert, is the nearest town to the Dam and surrounding forests, at around 15 kilometers distance. Sirohi Town is at around 53 kilometers distance from the Dam. Jodhpur is a major city at 165 kilometers distance from Jawai. Udaipur and Rajsamand are at around 120 kilometers distance from the dam. Bhilwara town and Chittorgarh town are at around 208 kilometers and 230 kilometers from the Dam respectively.

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