What’s So Unique About Harihar Fort?

Harihar Fort is an ancient fort near to Nashik city in Maharashtra state, India. It is one of its kind in India, as one needs to trek through the scrub forests and then climb the 60 meters rock-cut stairs numbering around 117 or so, to reach the top of the fort.

Harihar Fort near Nashik,India. It is known locally as Harihar Killa or Harihargad or Harshagad

This magnificent fort was built during the region of  Seuna  alias Yadava dynasty with its capital at Devagiri (850–1334). It was constructed to watch the trade route passing through Gonda Ghat.

It is known as Harihar killa by locals. Killa is a Hindi language word. Killa means fort. Locals does not know the name Harihar Fort.

Harshagad or Harihar Fort attracts many tourists and trekkers.  Even though many of the steps are worn out,  the holes on the sides of the steps helps one to hold-on and climb. Once you reach the main entrance of the fort, turn to the left and continue climbing the helical rock-cut steps, which are steeper than the steps till the main entrance. At many areas, only one person can pass through these steps.

You can see the ruins of the buildings on top of the fort. There are no buildings in good condition, except for a storage house. You can see the rock-cut water cisterns at the center of the fort.

It is a dangerous trekking route and there are cliffs on one side and the steps may be slippery during monsoon season due to the continuous flow of water through the steps. Monkeys also causes problem for the trekkers.

How Do I Go to Harihar Fort?

Harshewadi is the nearest village at around 13 kilometers from the fort. It is the one among the two base camps for Harshewadi fort trekking. It is the easiest access route to this ancient fort. There are bus service to Kasurli village, which is situated at the bottom of Harshewadi village. From the bus stop, you need to climb a small hill to reach Harshewadi.

Nirgudpada  is the second base camp for trekking to the fort. It is at around 34 kilometers from the fort. (Nirgudpada is also the base camp for Basgad fort trekkers, another nearby fort.) There are public transport buses to Nirgudpada.

Igatpuri town, a nearby major town,  is at a distance of around 48 kilometers from Nirgudpada.  Nashik city is at a distance of around 96 kilometers from Nirgudpada. Mumbai is at a distance of around 175 kilometers from Harshewadi fort.

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