Dhoni Falls – Waterfalls in Kerala with the Great Cricketer Dhoni’s name

Dhoni Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Dhoni Hills, at around 15 kilometers distance from Palakkad town in Kerala, India.

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Dhoni hills is very popular among the trekking community. This falls can be reached by trekking around 4 kilometers from the bottom of the Dhoni hills. These Hills are part of Western Ghats. As the hills are part of reserve forests, you need to get the entry pass from the Kerala Forest department by paying a fee of INR 100.

The road to the falls is not laid well. The area is rich for its wildlife. Nilgiri langur, Leopard, sloth bear, Hanuman langur, bonnet macaqu, etc, are some among those found in the hills. Malabar whistling thrush is a beautiful bird found here.

Dhoni Fall is a beautiful fall and you are allowed to take bath in the falls.

Nearby tourist Spots to Dhoni Falls

Shiva Temple near Dhoni Falls, Palakkad.

A Colonial mansion and fort, believed to be built in 1857 by the British, is seen on your way to the top of the hills. It is open all through the day. There is a garden near the fort, which is open from 8 am to 10 am and again from  4 pm to 6 pm.

Shiva Temple is a nearby tourist place worth visiting on your trekking trip to Dhoni hills.

Kava sunset view point is another tourist spot at around 20 kilometers from Dhoni fall. Beautiful view of sunset can be seen from Kava view point. It is situated at Pudussery East, 678651, Kerala. It’s difficult to go to Dhoni fall (and nearby fort and garden) and Kava sunset view point in a single day.

How Do I Go to Dhoni Falls?

Dhoni Road, the bottom of the hills from where you need to start your trekking to the falls, is at a distance of 12 kilometers from Palakkad. Palakkad railway station is the nearest major railway station. Coimbatore international airport is at around 80 kilometers distance from the Dhoni hills. Dhoni Fall is at a distance of 34 kilometers away from Kollengode village, near Palakkad.

The ideal season to visit the falls is after the onset on Monsoon rains.

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