Courtallam Falls, Kutralam Waterfalls, Agasthiyamalai

Kutralam WaterFalls in Tamilnadu

Courtallam Waterfalls is in Tirunelveli district, off Tenkasi – Shenkottai Road. Courtalam falls are part of the Western Ghats, which are part of UNESCO World Heritage site. Courtallam Falls and surrounding hills are also part of Agasthiyamalai or Ashambu hills which is the extreme south portion of Western ghats. Over 2000 species of plants with medicinal values are found in the Agasthiyamalai ranges. These hills are named after the age old Saint Asasthiya, regarded as the founder of Siddhar, which is a form of yoga.

Courtallam Falls in Tamilnadu
Courtallam falls in Tamil Nadu, India

Many rivers originate from the nearby areas.  June to September is the best time to visit the falls. Kutralam is gifted with South West Monsoon  that has the cold breeze with mild temperatures. October to December may experiences heavy rainfall which prevents visitors from visiting the falls.

Old Courtallam falls is the best one, which is around 3 Kilometers away from the main road, (immediate left after the Hotel Tamilnadu of TTDC), when coming from Tenkasi.  Five falls and Tiger falls are near to the main Shenkottai-Tenkasi road. There are a few more falls at Courtallam. Banatheertham falls is a nearby fall, at around 60 kilometers distance. Come and visit the Incredible India.

How Do I Go to Courtallam Waterfalls or Kutralam falls?

Courtallam Waterfalls is on the Shenkottai – Tenkasi road, which is well connected to other parts of Tamilnadu and neighboring Kerala and to the rest of India by road. Tenkasi  railway station is the nearest one to Kutralam Falls. Tuticorin or Tuttukidi airport, at around 90 kilometers distance, is the nearest airport to Courtalam falls.

TTDC Hotel Tamil Nadu Near Kutralam Waterfalls or Courtallam falls?

TTDC Hotel Tamilnadu, owned by the Tamilnadu state government tourism department, is one of the best Kutralam hotels. TTDC Hotel Tamil Nadu is situated close to the old falls, on the main road. Beware of  hundreds of monkeys on the Banyan tree at the hotel premises; uninvited guests on the staircases, passage to rooms, etc. It may step into your room, if the door or windows are kept open. If one is alone, this may lead to frightful moments.

There are many other hotels at Shenkottai and Thenkasi, two nearby towns to Kutralam falls.

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