Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Known for Indian Rhinos and Elephants

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is on the Himalayan foothills, at around 30 kilometers from Chalsa and Lataguri, in northern West Bengal. It is one of the best protected areas in India. Indian rhinoceros (single horned rhinos) can be seen here.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread over 960 hectares of area, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a reserve forest in 1895. It was made a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1949. It was declared as a national wildlife sanctuary in 1998, by the goverment of India. Teesta, the Neora, and the Murti rivers are the main rivers flowing through this wildlife sanctuary. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is situated very close to Gorumara National Park.

Other than rhinos, this wildlife sanctuary has a sizable population of elephants and Indian bison, along with deer, boars, and leopards. It is also a birdwatchers paradise. Green pigeons, Parakeets and kingfishers are seen in large numbers.

Chapramari forest camp is being operated by the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited.

There is a railway line from Siliguri and Malbazar, which passes through the reserve forests. It is a big thereat to wild animals, especially elephants and Indian bisons. In 13 November 2013, a passenger train, hit a herd of 40–50 Indian elephants, killing five adult elephants, two calves and injuring ten elephants!

How Do I Go to Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary?

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is at around two hours drive from Siliguri, a major town in West Bengal. Malbazar Railway Station with station code MLBZ, in Jalpaiguri district is the closest railway station to the wildlife sanctuary.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Closure Periods

Chapramari Wildlife Park is closed from middle of July to middle of September, each year during Monsoon season.

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