Victoria Memorial Hall, Museum

Victoria Memorial is memorial at Kolkata in memory of Late Queen Victoria (1819–1901) of England.

The north facade of the Victoria Memorial
The north facade of the Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial Hall construction was started in the year 1906 and the foundation stone was laid by the then Prince of Wales, who later became King George V. (Prince of Wales was the Grandson of Queen Victoria). The memorial construction was completed in 1921 and was opened to public in the same year. This hall is now a museum and is called Victoria Memorial Museum. It is situated on the banks of the Hooghly River,

Victoria Memorial museum was designed by the great Architect William Emerson. Emerson was the president of the Royal Institute of British Architects. The funding was a collective effort of individuals of the British Raj in India, erstwhile Princely states of India and the British government.

Victoria Memorial museum was constructed with same type of marble used for the construction of Taj Mahal, in Indo-Saracenic revivalist style. The building is 338 feet in length and 228 feet in width. The height of the memorial hall is 184 feet. There is a beautiful garden spread over an area of 64 acres, designed by David Prain and Lord Redesdale.

Victoria Memorial museum has 25 galleries, including the Royal gallery. Some of the other prominent gallerias includes the central hall, the arms and armory gallery, national leaders gallery, the portrait gallery, the sculpture gallery and the Calcutta gallery which was added a quarter century back. Rare and antique books of William Shakespeare, Omar Khayyam, etc, can be found here.

How Do I Go to Victoria Memorial Museum alias Victoria Memorial Hall?

Victoria Memorial Hall is situated in the heart of the city, near Jawaharlal Nehru road.

Kolkata is well connected by all modes of transport. The erstwhile capital of the British India, the historic city of Kolkata has an international airport which is connected to all parts of the world. (Capital of India was transferred to Delhi by King George V in 1912.)

Kolkata railway station is a major railway station in India. Some of the other major railway stations in the city includes Howrah Station in Howrah, Santragachi Junction railway station in Howrah, Sealdah Station in Kolkata and Shalimar Station in Howrah.

Kolkata or Calcutta as it was known earlier, is well connected by different National Highways to other parts of the country. There is a major seaport in the city.

Indian Museum Kolkata with Egyptian Mummy

The Indian Museum is situated at Kolkata (Calcutta) in West Bengal state, India. This museum is the oldest museum in India and is having the largest and rare collection of Antiques, Armour and ornaments, fossils, mummies, Mughal paintings, skeletons, etc.

Egyptian human mummy at the Indian Museum, Kolkotta

4,000 yrs old Egyptian human mummy at the Indian Museum, Kolkotta..

This Calcutta museum has a 4000 year old Egyptian mummy. Except heart, other organs were taken out of mummy. Heart is kept in special chamber. Buddhist Stupa from Bharhut is on display here. Buddha’s ashes, Ashoka pillar, fossil skeletons of prehistoric animals, collection of meteorites, etc, are also displayed here at the Indian Museum at Kolkotta. It has also a huge collection of art and rare antiques.

The Kolkotta Museum has 6 sections; Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology and Economic Botany; consisting of 35 galleries, displaying the various cultural and scientific artifacts.

Indian Museum at Kolkotta is under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India and is an autonomous organization. Asiatic Society started this Museum in 1814 and was paying salary for the staff till 1836, when their bankers became insolvent. Then the Government started paying salary for the staff from its public funds.

How Do I Go to Indian Museum?

Indian Museum is situated at Chowringhee alias Chourangi, in Kokotta city. Kokotta, which was previously known as Calcutta, is well connected by all modes of transport to other parts of the country and to the rest of the world. There is an International airport, many railway stations, seaport, etc, at Kolkotta.

Jhargram Raj Palace – A Heritage Hotel and Other Historical Buildings in West Bengal

Jhargram Raj Palace is a historic palace and current residence of the Royal family of Malla Deb. The palace is situated in Paschim Medinipur district, West Bengal state, India.

Jhargram Raj PalaceJhargram Raj Palace in West Bengal

The Palace was built in 1931, during the reign of Raja Narasingha Malla Deb Bahadur. This Palace is constructed in Indo Saracenic style of architecture, which is a combination of Italian and Islamic architectures, The ground floor of the palace with 10 rooms and 3 dormitories, is converted to a Heritage Hotel and is run by the Royal family.

Raj Palace was established in 1592 by Sarveshwar Singh and his elder brother. Mughal Emperor Akbar granted Subehdari title to Sarveshwar Singh for the regions of of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Singh defeated the local tribal kings belonging to Mal community and established Jhargram Raj. “Malla Deb” is the title used by the Kings of the newly established kingdom. To commemorate this victory, an idol of Mal Raja is made and slain on Vijayadashami day, every year.

The Raj Palace compound is spread over 30 acres of land and has many historical buildings. One among such historical buildings in the palace compound is the Palatial Guest House, which hosted many a dignitaries, right from its inception.

How Do I Go to Jhargram Raj Palace?

Jhargram Raj Palace is situated at Jhargram, on NH6, connecting Hazira in Gujarat with Howrah in West Bengal. This Highway passes through cities like Surat, Amravati, Nagpur, Bhilai, Raipur, Sambalpur.Baharagora, etc.

Jhargram Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the palace, which is connected to cities like Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Ranchi, Tatanagar, etc. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport at Kolkata is the nearest major airport at around 155 kilometers away from this great Palace. Sonari Airport at Jamshedpur is at around 96 kilometers away from the palace.


Sundarban Tiger Reserve,Sundarban National Park,Ganges River Dolphin, Saltwater Crocodile, Estuary

Sundarban Tiger Reserve is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sundarbans National Park, the largest estuary mangrove forest in the world, in West Bengal, India.

A Royal Bengal tiger inside the Sundarban Tiger ReserveA Royal Bengal tiger inside the Sundarban Tiger Reserve / Sundarban National Park.

Sundarban Tiger Reserve is situated on the Sundarbans, part of the Ganges Delta, which is famous for its mangrove forests. Sundarbans is home to a large species of birds, invertebrate species and reptiles, including the salt water crocodiles.

Sundarbans National Park is the core area of Sundarban Tiger Reserve which is home to around 400 Royal Bengal tigers. This National park is also a wildlife sanctuary. Some of the Vulnerable and Endangered species inside the Wildlife sanctuary includes Ganges River dolphin, Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Royal Bengal Tiger, Saltwater Crocodile, and Mangrove Horseshoe Crab.

Hawksbill sea turtleHawksbill sea turtle

Hawksbill sea turtle and river terrapin are two a critically endangered species inside the National park.

There are 54 islands inside the Sundarbans National Park. Seven main rivers including River Ganges, flows through this estuary. The water level at some places goes up to 500 meters.

Sundari Trees is the name of the Mangrove variant found in the Sundarbans National Park. Boat safari tickets are available with the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation counter inside the park.

How Do I Go to Sundarban Tiger Reserve inside the Sundarban National Park?

Sundarban Tiger Reserve is connected to the kolkata – Basanti Highway. The main entrance to the Tiger reserve is at a distance of around 29 kilometers from Canning Railway station, the nearest railway station. The nearest airport to the Wildlife sanctuary; Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Airport alias Dum Dum Airport at Kolkata; is at around 140 kilometers distance from the Sundarban wildlife sanctuary and Tiger Reserve cum national park.

Top 4 Hill Stations in India, Shimla, Darjeeling, Ooty, Lonavala

Top 4 Hill stations in India region-wise are Shimla in the North, Darjeeling in the East, Ooty in the South and Lonavala in the West.

St. Michael's Catholic Church at Shimla, one of the Top 4 Hill stations in IndiaSt. Michael’s Catholic Church at Shimla, one of the Top 4 Hill stations in India.

Shimla, One Among the Top 4 Hill stations in India

Shimla in North India is situated in Himachal Pradesh state. Shimla hill station offers panoramic view of the Himalayas. Its considered as the best hill station in India. There is a ropeway to Shimla from downtown.

Shimla is at around 223 miles from New Delhi, the capital of India. Shimla is well connected by roads. Kalka railway station is the nearest broad gauge railway station. Kalka station is connected to Shimla by Kalka- Shimla narrow gauge railway line. This railway line is a UNESCO World heritage site and is part of “Mountain Railways of India” along with similar narrow gauge lines at Darjeeline and Ooty. New Delhi airport and railway stations are well connected to other parts of the world.

Darjeeling, One Among the Top 4 Hill stations in India

Darjeeling hill station in West Bengal state is a beautiful hill station in the Western India. Darjeeling offers view of the Lesser Himalayas. Darjeeling Tea is a famous Geo-patented tea from this region.

New Jalpaiguri railway station near Silguri is the nearest railway station to Darjeeling at around 50 kilometers distance. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway starts from here. Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport at around 90 kilometers distance from Darjeeling hill station.

Ooty, One Among the Top 4 Hill stations in India

Ooty hill station in Tamilnadu is a beautiful hill station in the South. Ooty is also known as Udhagamandalam or Udhagai. Ooty is part of the Nilgiri mountains or Blue mountains.

Coimbatore is the nearest city with airport at 86 kilometers away. Coimbatore junction railway station is the nearest major railway station which is connected to other parts of the country. Mettupalayam is the nearest railway station on the broad gauge. Very few trains go to Mettupalayam. Heritage Mountain railway to Ooty starts from Mettupalayam.

Lonavala, One Among the Top 4 Hill stations in India

Lonavala hill station in Maharashtra state is another beautiful hill station in the Western part of India. Its part of the Sahyadri ranges of Western Ghats. Khandala hill station is an adjacent twin hill station at around 3 kilometers from Lonavala hill station.

All trains stops at Lonavla railway station. Pune city is the nearest major city with an airport, at around 64 kilometers distance. Mumbai is another major city at 104 kilometers away from Lonavala hill station.