Qila Mubara – Sikh Style of Architectural Palace at Patiala

Qila Mubarak at Patiala

Patiala city is build around the Qila Mubarak, an ancient and historic palace, in Punjab, India. Qila Mubarak, Patiala. Foundation stone for this magnificent Palace, Qila Mubarak, was laid in 1763 by King Baba Ala Singh. He is the founder of the erstwhile Princely state of Patiala. This Palace, Qila Mubarak, is a fine example…

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Sanghol Museum, Harappan Site


Sanghol was the major center of Art, Culture, Civilization in India. Sanghol is situated in Fatehgarh Sahib District of Punjab state, on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh Road. Sanghol has a Museum maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. This Museum has a rich collection of archaeological treasures dating back to the Harappan period (C.2000- B.C. 1200), excavated from…

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Cave temples, Gurdaspur

Cave temples at Gurdaspur in Punjab state of India, are a group of very ancient temples dug into the rock face on the banks of Ravi River. These Cave temples are believed to be associated with “Pandavas”, of the great Hindu epic, Mahabharatha. There is a cleft, a little away from the rock temple site…

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Rock Garden of Chandigarh

Rock Garden of Chandigarh is a 40 acre  Sculpture garden built of industrial and home waste and scrap materials in Chandigarh, India. Dancing girls at Rock Garden, Chandigarh Rock Garden of Chandigarh is also called Nek Chand’s Rock Garden named after its founder Nek Chand. Nek Chand secretly worked in his spare time, more than half a century…

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Punjab’s Cuisine, Culture & History

Harminder Sahib in Punjab

Punjab is a north Indian state sharing its borders with Pakistan. Its culture and hospitality is unique and Punjabi’s carry this wherever they go. You get one of the best Indian food in this state. Punjab’s Cuisine, Culture and History needs to be experienced, at least once, in your lifetime. A photo of Harminder Sahib…

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Fall In Love With Sri Harimandir Sahib Golden Temple; The abode of God

Golden Temple alias Sri Harmandir Sahib, is situated at AMRITSAR, Punjab, India. Sri Harmandir Sahib means ‘The abode of God’. Amritsar is the spiritual center for the Sikhs and the administrative headquarters of Amritsar District. This Gurdwara (temple) is the holiest Gurdwara (place of worship) for Sikhs. The first gurdwara here was built in the…

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